05 June 2019 |

The international expansion of the SiderAL® line continues

accordi internazionali linea sideral tecnologia sucrosomiale

PharmaNutra looks East, sealing new trade agreements for the distribution of Sucrosomial® Iron in India, Bulgaria and South Korea.


PharmaNutra S.p.A. continues to expand on international markets, sealing three important agreements for the distribution of SiderAL® products in India, Bulgaria and South Korea.


In India, the agreement was signed with Eris Lifescience, the company which in 2017 won the prestigious “The best Asian healthcare brand award” and which is renowned on the domestic market for numerous successful products. Eris Lifescience, which signed an exclusive contract with Alesco (company in the PharmaNutra Group), will therefore be present on the Indian market with a unique formulation based on Sucrosomial® Iron, the innovative patent behind the SiderAL® product line which has allowed the company to win the leadership position in the oral irons market.


At the same time, SiderAL® Forte 15 mg will soon be available also in Bulgaria, thanks to the addendum signed with Amicus Pharma, PharmaNutra’s exclusive partner for the distribution of Sucrosomial® Iron in numerous Eastern European and Baltic countries.


The exclusive contract signed with partner Green Store for South Korea, on the other hand, covers not only SiderAL®, but also two other Magnesium- and Calcium-based products, also manufactured using Sucrosomial® technology. In addition to SiderAL® Forte 15 mg, Green Store will also be distributing Ultramag Oro (orodispersible Sucrosomial® magnesium), Ultramag Idro (orodispersible Sucrosomial® magnesium) and Ultracal D3 (orodispersible Sucrosomial® calcium).


These new agreements concluded by the PharmaNutra Group once again confirm the validity of its products, starting with SiderAL®, which according to the latest IMS data reported by FederSalus currently lies in second place among dietary supplements in terms of growth (+14.7% on the previous year), with a sell-out in terms of volume up +13% on the previous year. These figures certify the exponential growth of this product, which has literally revolutionised (and conquered) the oral iron market.


Roberto Lacorte, Vice President of Pharmanutra, states: “This is just the beginning of a very important expansion process. The new agreement with Green Store for South Korea represents a significant partnership with a well-structured company whose staff include skilled nutritionists and pharmaceutical representatives. This is a modern, cutting-edge country with an extremely advanced industrial fabric. But the results and interest in Sucrosomial® technology are equally concrete in other large markets, including India, representing an important step for our company. But we have won over the markets not only with SiderAL®; following iron we have also applied our technology to other micro-nutrients, including magnesium, zinc and calcium, with exceptional results here too”.