PharmaNutra supplements and medical devices are designed for the health and wellness needs of all ages.


Pharmanutra products are designed for the health and well-being needs of all ages.
They are founded to respond to the growing problem of nutritional deficiencies – especially of minerals and vitamins – and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The most important brands include products from the SiderAL® and Cetilar®, UltraMag® and ApportAL® lines.

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Alesco’s active substances and functional ingredients are used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic fields.
Thanks to its scientific research, Alesco has developed innovative technologies and patents, such as Sucrosomial® Technology, now successfully applied to minerals, vitamins and phytoextracts.

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Non-invasive diagnostic instruments and medical software for measuring body composition, marked by high scientific and technological contents and high performance. In 40 years of activity, Akern has developed over 20 different types of solutions for bioelectrical impedance analysis in the body composition world.

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