About Us

PharmaNutra S.p.A. is a pharmaceutical company established in 2003 in Pisa, dedicated to the development of nutraceutical supplements and medical devices. In particular, the Group carries out activities related to the research, design, development and marketing of its innovative products. Among its most important achievements are the SiderAL® branded products, based on Sucrosomial® Iron, and the Cetilar® branded products, intended to improve articulations movement and bring relief to joints affected by osteoarthritis.

PharmaNutra closely monitors the entire manufacturing process, starting from raw materials to finished products. Furthermore, the Group has the know-how to manage all the phases from design and development to registration, marketing and sales. Since 2005, PharmaNutra develops and markets directly its own product line on an independent basis, through an exclusive network of Sales Representatives.

The Group is composed by PharmaNutra S.p.A. (holding company), Alesco Ltd, manufacturer and distributor of raw materials (active ingredients) for the pharmaceutical, food and dietary supplement industry and Junia Pharma Ltd, developing and distributing drugs, medical devices, OTC and nutritional supplements with special attention to the pediatric area. The Group has settled its own strategy in the production and management of the intellectual property, based on the integrated management of company assets: proprietary raw materials, patents, brands and clinical trials. Since July 2017 PharmaNutra has been admitted to trading on the AIM Italia/Alternative Capital Market.

PharmaNutra Group distributes and sells products in Italy and abroad. In Italy the sales activities are carried out by a network of about 180 Sales Representatives, providing scientific information to medical professionals and selling PharmaNutra products to the pharmacies all over Italy. In addition, supply of wholesalers directly to pharmacies and para-pharmacies assures that the Italian market is completely covered. The Sale Representative network approach is based on a specific and innovative marketing model adopted by PharmaNutra Group in Italy since 2009. Although the international expansion began only in 2014, nowadays PharmaNutra operates in 70 countries (in Europe, Asia, America and Africa) through 35 key partners, carefully selected among the world top pharmaceutical companies, that market and sell the Group's products with territorial exclusivity.


Our core people

We know that the key to be proactive, flexible and on top of things in an ever-changing, evolving market is to rely on people and their qualities.

Each of our collaborators is directly involved in the work atmosphere and in the objectives of our firm, which means that they are trained on the products and the needs of the current market on a day-to-day basis.

Flexibility and Effectiveness

We can count on a network of highly qualified and motivated collaborators who are able to relate with a changing market. Thanks to our flexible and proactive business scheme we are able to meet our clients' needs, welcoming criticism as a turning point for improvement.

Research & Development

To us, innovation is key to growth, as it is demonstrated by published clinical studies and the commercial success of our products.
Our research begins with selecting the raw materials to be brought into our labs. Clinical monitoring is essential: our data are constantly analysed to discover new prospects for our research.

Quality & Certifications

We look after people making sure that our work meets the highest possible standards. Our products are safe, innovative, unique and tailored to effectively meet the most varied needs. System in conformity with the standard UNI EN 9001:2015. The SA 8000:2014 certification for the Social Accountability is a warrant of the respect for people that marks our work.

Andrea Lacorte

General Director

Nutritionist and founding member of Pharmanutra; he is an enterprising and charismatic man. Andrea defines himself as a 'vendor-inventor' and loves to think up new ways to do what has never been done before.

Challenges stimulate him, on the workplace and in sports: since 1998, he has led his business like the captain of a winning team, channelling passion and balance

Roberto Lacorte

VP - Managing director

A passionate man: on the workplace, in sports and life on the whole, he is animated by a healthy and effective determination. Having started his career as an accountant he is now a successful businessman, whose enthusiasm is contagious.

Attentive and keen in social interactions, he travels from one place to another but is always firmly grounded. In 2003 he became the vice president of Pharmanutra, contributing hugely to make it the successful business it is today.

Carlo Volpi

Consigliere Delegato - COO

Determined, curious and with a great sense of humour, Carlo leads the marketing area of the group, enthusiastically paying attention to every detail. We grow a little everyday and we can learn from everybody is the key principle to his attentive and good-natured approach to others.

His diverse work experiences and international professional training have prepared Carlo to undertake the most demanding of challenges. He is father of two sons, who he is devoted to. He loves to laugh and enjoy life.

Germano Tarantino

Scientific Director

He has been a part of Pharmanutra since its foundation and is passionate about his job. He looks after the development and the clinical monitoring of our formulations with ambition, dedication, and professionalism. He has been growing professionally alongside his business.

He has always been passionate about sport, too; once talented a basketball player, he now runs marathons, and claims that playing sports is essential to achieve complete satisfaction in one's work and private life.