Business model and Organisational chart

Innovation, scientific competence and the defence of intellectual property. These are the cornerstones of the PharmaNutra Group, which are also reflected in its business model and organisation chart.
A commercial approach driven by market performance but based on:

  1. Flexibility and responsiveness
  2. Continuous training
  3. Competitive time to market

The Group’s commercial structure was built to respond to the peculiarities of the domestic market but has been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to international requirements.

PharmaNutra currently has more than 70 employees in Italy and a network of over 154 PSRs (Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives), who are the real driving force of the company in the territory. A far-reaching network divided into three specific sales lines, Primary, Supportive and Nutrition, each one with its own manager reporting directly to the Commercial Director.

Since 2013, PharmaNutra has operated in foreign markets with a flexible and innovative business model, based on a consolidated network of top-class distributors. The Group’s products are currently distributed in 76 countries around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and America, thanks to a network of 44 carefully selected sales partners.

In order to meet the strategic needs related to internationalisation projects, two new wholly owned subsidiaries were established in 2023: PharmaNutra USA and PharmaNutra España, dedicated to the marketing of PharmaNutra branded products, both through online e-commerce channels and through direct distribution in the territory.

2024 will see the merger by incorporation of the Group’s two other important companies, Junia Pharma S.r.l. and Alesco S.r.l., a fundamental step towards the establishment of a new corporate structure to meet the requirements of the entire production chain, from the development of new technologies and patents to marketing innovative raw materials and proprietary finished products.

Executive Directors of PharmaNutra Group

“PharmaNutra is the combination of the highest level of R&D with a strong commercial attitude. This translates into a great deployment capability, i.e., the ability to implement an idea and achieve a tangible result.”

Andrea Lacorte, Chairman e co-founder of PharmaNutra S.p.A.
Andrea Lacorte
Chairman and Co-Founder

Nutritionist and founder of the Group; an enterprising and charismatic man, he describes himself as a salesman-inventor, who likes to think he is doing everything that has not already been done by others. Constantly driven by new, ever more ambitious and interesting challenges, he has successfully led the Group for over 20 years and works daily with passion and enthusiasm.

Roberto Lacorte – CEO and Co-Founder

A passionate man, driven on a daily basis by an uncommon determination and an unstoppable drive. A successful entrepreneur with a contagious enthusiasm, in life, at work, in sport, capable of constantly travelling with his feet firmly on the ground. Attentive to people and human relations, he has led the Group as CEO since its foundation.

Carlo Volpi – COO and Managing Director

Determined, curious and ironic, he leads the Group’s sales area. His professional experience in different sectors and his international education enable him to face even the most demanding challenges with enthusiasm. You grow every day and learn from everyone: this is his approach to work.

Germano Tarantino
Chief Scientific Officer

Rigorous, detail-driven and always striving to improve, whether in scientific research or sports performance, as he is a passionate marathon runner. He has managed PharmaNutra’s scientific area since its foundation and his meticulous work has led to the development of patents and innovative technologies.