Business model and Organisational chart

Innovation, scientific expertise and the protection of intellectual property. These are the cornerstones of the PharmaNutra Group, which are also reflected in its organisational chart and business model.
A commercial approach driven by market performance but based on:

  1. Flexibility and responsiveness
  2. Continuous training
  3. Competitive time to market

The commercial structure of the Group was built to respond to the peculiarities of the national market, but has been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to international requirements.

Today, PharmaNutra has over 60 employees in Italy and a network of over 160 Sales Representatives who are the real driving force of the company in the country. A widespread system, divided into three dedicated sales lines, Primary, Supportive and Junia Pharma, each headed by a manager who reports directly to the Sales Department.

The Group is present since 2013 on foreign markets with a flexible and innovative business model, based on a consolidated network of top-class partners: growing yet well-structured companies that focus their own business on innovative, high-quality products, sound scientific research and a sales structure that is as close as possible to the values of PharmaNutra.
Currently, the PharmaNutra Group’s products are distributed in 67 countries worldwide, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, through a network of 45 carefully selected sales partners.

Akern S.r.l., a company specialised in bioelectrical impedance analysis with more than 40 years’ work and innovation experience, joined the PharmaNutra Group in 2022 in order to enhance and diversify its business lines through strategic synergy.

PharmaNutra Board of Directors

“PharmaNutra is the combination of the highest level of R&D with a strong commercial attitude. This translates into a great deployment capability, i.e., the ability to implement an idea and achieve a tangible result.”

Andrea Lacorte, Chairman e co-founder of PharmaNutra S.p.A.
Andrea Lacorte
Chairman and Co-Founder

Nutritionist and founder of the group; an enterprising and charismatic man, who defines himself as a salesman-inventor and who likes to think of doing everything that has not already been done by others. Constantly motivated by new and more ambitious and interesting challenges, in work as well as in sport, he has been leading a successful group since 1998 that works with passion and harmony as a great winning team.

Roberto Lacorte – CEO and Co-Founder

A passionate man, driven on a daily basis by a healthy and effective determination. A successful entrepreneur with contagious enthusiasm, in life, work and sport. Attentive to people and human relationships, capable of travelling constantly with his feet firmly on the ground. At the helm of the Group as CEO since its foundation.

Carlo Volpi – COO and Managing Director

Determined, curious and ironic, he leads the commercial area of the group, taking care of every detail with enthusiasm. He grows every day and learns from everyone: this is the adage that accompanies his careful and resolute approach. His extensive experience in different sectors and international training enables him to meet the most demanding challenges. The father of two children who adores, loves to laugh and enjoy life.