11 July 2019 |

Pharmanutra helps the University of Pisa in the purchase of new cars for the transport of the disabled

pharmanutra dona a UNIPI nuove auto per il trasporto disabili

It is with great pleasure that Pharmanutra SPA announces that it has contributed to the purchase of two vehicles specially equipped for the transport of disabled students and staff at the University of Pisa. The donation was presented in the Rectorate on Tuesday 9th July by the Rector Paolo Mancarella, the Vice-Rector for Organisation and staff policies Michele Marroni, the Chief Financial Officer of Pharmanutra SPA Francesco Sarti, and the Presidents of the Rotary Club Cascina for the year 2018/2019 Giuseppe Saccomanni, and the year 2019/2020 Paolo Barnelli. Also present was the delegate for the integration of students and staff with disabilities and DSA Luca Fanucci, Professor Marco Macchia Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and the governor of Rotary district 2071 for the year 2018/2019, Giampaolo Ladu.

The donation will help the University of Pisa to purchase two new cars, a Doblò and a Panda, equipped for the transport of disabled people, thus significantly improving the services offered to people with disabilities who work or study at the University. Also, thanks to the use of the new vehicles, the University has reaffirmed its consolidated and continuous tradition of attention to people with disabilities, a sector in which the University of Pisa is at the national forefront.

Pharmanutra has enthusiastically embraced this idea, which is an example where social initiative blends with the company’s mission to develop innovative nutraceuticals and medical devices for the well-being and health of people. With regard to the donation, we would like to thank the managing director and vice-president of Pharmanutra Roberto Lacorte, who has worked closely with professors Marco Macchia and Michele Marroni, in synergy with the Rotary Club Cascina, who has also made a generous financial contribution that, together with that of Pharmanutra, has made this purchase possible.

*In the photo, from the left: Sarti, Macchia, Fanucci, Mancarella, Marroni, Saccomanni, Ladu, Barnelli.