Cetylated Fatty Acids: technologies for muscle and joint well-being

The PharmaNutra Group has invested significant resources to develop a new formulation able to effectively respond to problems relating to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The need comes from our direct dialogue with many professionals in the sports and physiotherapy world, constantly looking for effective and easy-to-use natural products for motor recovery and muscle and joint well-being.

So in 2015, PharmaNutra developed and produced Cetilar® r.m., a complex of highly concentrated Cetylated Fatty Acids (CFA), obtained from the reaction of fatty acids of plant origin with Cetyl Alcohol. The special mechanism of action of Cetylated Fatty Acids not only rapidly reduces joint and musculoskeletal pain but also improves joint function and movement.

In 2022, in addition to Cetilar r.m.® comes Lipocet®, a novel food made with Cetylated Fatty Acids created for the development of oral formulations for muscle and joint well-being.

Cetilar® line products

Today, the innovative CFA patent is the foundation of all the products in the Cetilar® line, launched on the Italian market in October 2016 and now present in 7 countries worldwide. In 2020 the Cetilar® products obtained Play Sure Doping Free certification from the No Doping Life association, in technical partnership with Bureau Veritas Italia. The Play Sure Doping Free seal certifies the products as free of any substance considered potentially doping, and are therefore particularly suited to sports people of any level.

Lipocet®, the evolution of Cetylated Fatty Acids

Lipocet® is an innovative cetylated fatty acids-based novel food developed and patented by PharmaNutra. The new classification of CFAs as Novel Foods is a fundamental strategic asset for the Group, which can focus its research on the development and marketing of new food supplements made with cetylated fatty acids (CFAs), an ingredient that until now could be used exclusively in Cetilar® branded products for topical use.

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