Our corporate values

PharmaNutra spirit is an energetic attitude, more than a philosophy, which is reflected and which breathes throughout all areas and professional figures.
PharmaNutra’s corporate values and policies have always been, and will continue to be, based on three core principles: people, the protection of intellectual property and determination.

The driving force behind our growth

Great businesses are great not only thanks to the efficacy of their products but above all for the value of the people who contribute to their development through their daily work and sacrifices. In an environment in which efficacy and innovation are the founding pillars of all activities, caring for people means paying attention to the dynamics of different working groups, but also demanding quality, professionalism and dedication.

At PharmaNutra we believe in talent, but we believe even more in commitment and willpower, because the success of a business can be achieved only when it is able to guarantee a future, security, work and values for all its staff.

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“Always look ahead, never settle for less, never stop celebrating achievements, and continue to throw yourself whole-heartedly into new challenges.”

Andrea Lacorte, Chairman and Co-Founder of PharmaNutra S.p.A.
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