30 August 2018 |

Sales figures for July 2018: + 23% on the Italian market

dati di vendita di luglio 2018 pharmanutra

PharmaNutra S.p.A. announced the sales figures for July 2018 relating to the Italian market (Sell-out Wholesalers – source IQVIA – + Direct Orders). As evidenced by the numbers, the company keeps on growing, further consolidating its position on the Italian market: in the only month of July, sales exceeded 200,000 pieces, marking an increase of + 23% compared to the same period of the previous year.


The excellent sales results confirm what has already been announced with the anticipation of preliminary consolidated revenues for the first half of 2018, which showed an increase of about 20% compared to the same period in 2017. The positive performances recorded on the national market are sustained by the constant growth of the Sales Scientific Informers network and the continuous strengthening of the PharmaNutra Group’s area of scientific study, research and development activities, which have led the company to launch four new products on the market in the first half of 2018. Furthermore, during the National Convention scheduled from 11 to 14 September in San Vincenzo (Livorno), the Group will present a series of further, significant innovations, which will be introduced on the market starting this fall.


It should be noted that, just over a year after the listing on the Stock Exchange, which took place in July 2017, the value of the PharmaNutra share has risen from 10 euros on the day of the listing, to 15.25 euros on 28 August*, while company capitalization has grown by over 60%, from 89.5 million to 147.6 million euros **.


Andrea Lacorte, President of PharmaNutra, comments: “We are reaping the benefits of an important strategic choice, namely the division of the sales network into a line of Supportive Care, so mainly for the hospitals, and in a Primary Care line. At the beginning the choice had repercussions, because some informers had to specialize, and the yield in terms of results has not been immediate. It took 8-9 months to get this strategy up and running, but the results of June and July proved that our strategy was right, confirming the goodness of our choice, with results – I mean in July – even beyond any expectations. All this, clearly, without considering the launch of new products that will take place in September, during the National Convention.


In summary, it went really well, with excellent figures for all the products of the SiderAL line, including the CardioSiderAL, the only oral iron in the world for cardiology, which went very well in the Supportive Care field. On the other hand, as far as Primary Care is concerned, we are pleased to record the performances of Cetilar, even on the advice of the doctor, confirming the great reputation that Cetilar now boasts among the medical profession, being not only a consumer, but also a highly specialized product. A topical osteoarticular product has rarely been estimated, appreciated and recommended by the medical profession. To conclude, we can say that also  Ultramag is going well. In this case we have to talk about overall data and we are still in the positioning phase, also because the real Ultramag’s launching is still far from being completed. The Sucrosomial Magnesium has a great growing potential, starting from the fact that we are talking about the best product launch in the history of the PharmaNutra Group”.


* The value is obtained by comparing the subscription price of the convertible bonds issued by the Ipo Challenger 1 prebooking company, equal to 10 Euro, with the closing date of the security at 28 August 2018.
** The figure relating to the Pharmanutra’s capitalization is updated to 28 August, 2018 (source: Italian Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana).