28 May 2018 |

New commercial agreements signed for the distribution of Sucrosomial® Iron abroad


PharmaNutra Group is ready to export Sucrosomial ® Technology to new markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.


PharmaNutra S.p.A. is proud to announce new important results achieved thanks to the work carried out in recent years on Sucrosomial ® Technology, the innovative patent of Alesco, one of the Group’s companies, at the base of the line of iron supplements. The company’s top management have signed two important commercial agreements for the distribution of products containing Sucrosomial ® Iron: in Egypt, with Al-Esraa Pharmaceutical Optima, and in Poland, with Pharmapoint SA.


The distribution agreement in Egypt, a potential market of almost 100 million people, will yield the first sales by the end of the year. By signing this agreement for the distribution of Sucrosomial ® Iron, Al-Esraa Pharmaceutical Optima will be entrusted with the task of introducing this new technology to a market currently composed of general iron-based products only.
This agreement with Al-Esraa Pharmaceutical Optima is a matter of great pride and satisfaction for all of us. When they initially contacted us, prompted by their scientific management team after reading numerous publications on Sucrosomial ® Iron, we were pleasantly surprised. This shows that science offers opportunities for growth in new markets, because a convincing scientific publication is attractive to scientists, doctors and researchers.  In addition, in our case, it’s the application of technological innovation to the product that makes the difference”, explained Andrea Lacorte, President of PharmaNutra S.p.A., For PharmaNutra, Africa offers a whole new market to explore, since we are currently only present in South Africa.  SiderAL® is continuing to grow, and we have already signed agreements for Vietnam and Malaysia; 90% of the Middle East is covered and we are negotiating with other huge countries such as India and Pakistan”.


The African and Asian markets are not the only international objectives of the Group, which is also continuing to strengthen its commercial position in Europe, thanks to the recent distribution contract recently signed with Pharmapoint SA. The company, part of Pelion Healthcare Group, is to be the exclusive distributor of products from the SiderAL® line in Poland. This contract comes at a very positive moment for the Group, which continues to obtain significant success in the medical and scientific sphere, thanks to the revolutionary features of Sucrosomial ® Iron.


The agreements reached will consist of an initial phase of specifically tailored commercial training to allow agents to explain the scientific merits of the company’s patent to customers on the new markets, who are generally accustomed to general products and with a lower cost.
For us, it is essential to transmit the message that we are offering an authentic breakthrough for the market, and that our product is completely different from the others. Expectations are extremely high”, said President Lacorte, “and it is becoming increasingly clear that customers looking for science are looking to PharmaNutra”.