20 March 2020 |

COVID-19 emergency: a message from PharmaNutra

As we all know, the spread of COVID-19 has led to a series of restrictive measures being taken by the Italian public authorities, circumstances which are extraordinary in their nature and extent and which have inevitable repercussions on the lives of each of us and on companies operating in Italy.

As far as the PharmaNutra Group is concerned, our business activity are within the categories deemed essential in the field of health emergency management and to date no critical factors have been recorded with respect to delivery times by the production facilities or logistics departments.

In a bid to anticipate the government’s instructions, in the past few weeks we took immediate action to ensure the continuation of full operations in all areas, while still respecting the health of all our employees, their families and our customers. This has included actions such as working from home and the creation of a shared operating protocol. Actions – we like to emphasise – that have been correctly implemented thanks to the professional and human quality of our employees and collaborators.

In terms of commercial activity, the pharmacy and parapharmacy channel is fully operational and a new strategy has been implemented thanks to the extraordinary cohesion of our Scientific Sales Representatives. Activities on foreign markets are also proceeding in line with what has been done in the past and are constantly monitored, through a direct thread with our international partners.

The PharmaNutra Group is operating in full compliance with safety procedures and protocols issued by the Italian Government. The company is fully aware that only strict compliance with rules will allow us to deal with this situation successfully. This is a point we want to strongly emphasise: keep following the rules, #stayhome and we will come out of the storm stronger than before.

The Board
PharmaNutra S.p.A.