03 July 2018 |

Francesco Sarti appointed CFO of the Group

PharmaNutra SpA is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Francesco Sarti as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company, who has been employed in the Group since 26 June 2018.
Sarti, born in 1963, graduated in Business and Economics, served as a member of the Board of Directors and CFO of Faper Group SpA., a holding company founded by Fabio Perini that has holdings in companies that represent Italian excellence in the paper-making machinery design, sterilisation and large sail and motor boat building sectors.
Previously, he served as Group Controller and contact person of the internal control committee at SNAI SpA, a listed Italian company operating in the entertainment industry. Prior to that, Sarti developed his professional experience at Gucci and Immuno/Baxter, working as a consolidation manager and head of management control. Sarti began his professional career at a leading audit firm.
In the Pharmanutra Group, in the role of CFO, Francesco Sarti will report to the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and will be particularly responsible for coordinating and overseeing areas relating to the operational section supporting the business.
Roberto Lacorte, Vice Chairman of PharmaNutra, said: “We are proud to have Mr Sarti on board as our new CFO of the Group; he is a highly professional individual boasting ample experience of unquestionable value. His appointment will heavily contribute to the group, and constitutes a significant step forward in guaranteeing a natural organisational growth to our investors. The fine-tuning of administrative processes and harnessing human capital as best as possible will both be required to support the business’ process of continuous expansion in a balanced manner”.