03 May 2018 |

PharmaNutra’s products range is growing with SiderAL® Folico 30 and UltraMag®

Sucrosomial® Technology expands towards new markets


PharmaNutra SPA launches on the market two new products developed on the Sucrosomial® Technology patented by Alesco, a company belonging to the Group: this is SiderAL® Folico 30 and the new UltraMag®.


SiderAL® Folico 30: a new friend for women of all ages based on Sucrosomial Iron®


Compared to the already well known SiderAL® Folico, the new formulation of SiderAL® Folico 30 contains a higher dosage of Sucrosomial Iron® (from 21 to 30mg of element iron) as well as the new Quatrefolic®, the active form of folic acid. To these components are added Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and B12. SiderAL® Folico 30 is a formulation developed specifically for women of all ages and is useful in all cases where there is an increased need for iron or when integration is required even for long periods. The unique composition of SiderAL® Folico 30 contributes to the normal psychological function and to maintain concentration, as well as promoting the immune response.


The new formulation developed by PharmaNutra will complete the SiderAL® line of supplements, expanding more and more the target of the company and addressing directly to women who suffer from iron deficiency or who need to integrate their contribution in certain periods .


Finally the Magnesium also becomes Sucrosomial® with UltraMag®


The Research & Development activity of the Group and of Alesco in particular, also supported by the positive results of numerous clinical studies and medical-scientific publications focused on Sucrosomial Technology®, have allowed PharmaNutra to apply its scientific know-how also to magnesium, a fundamental mineral for the body but also very difficult to absorb. Magnesium helps the normal functioning of the nervous system and the psychological function, contributes to the maintenance of bone tissue, promotes protein synthesis and muscle function.


Starting from this requirement, UltraMag® was developed, as the first integrator entirely based on Sucrosomial Magnesium®, able to supply 100% of magnesium VNR (375mg Mg) per serving (sachet). As shown by the study “Magnesium bioavailability after administration of sucrosomial® magnesium: results of an ex vivo, comparative, double-blinded and cross-over study in healthy subjects”, recently published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, Sucrosomial Magnesium® shows a quicker and higher bioavailability compared to other types of magnesium.
UltraMag® is the ideal supplement for those who need to replenish normal levels of magnesium in the body during particularly intense and/or stressful periods. It helps to modulate mood, reduce tiredness and improve nighttime rest. It also acts directly on muscle function, and helps to maintain electrolyte balance.


UltraMag® is another example of internal development and a proprietary activity that makes the product an excellence in the reference market: the differentiation compared to the competitors is the use of Sucrosomial® Technology to increase the absorption and bioavailability of the magnesium.

The launch of UltraMag® will allow PharmaNutra to enter with an own ingredient and patented technology in a new market that, in numerical terms, is particularly large and worldwide. The excellent results obtained in recent years by Sucrosomial Iron® represent a solid launch pad for UltraMag®, a product that, thanks to PharmaNutra’s investments in research and innovation, is ready to introduce itself as an absolute novelty in the field of supplements based on magnesium.