07 February 2018 |

The sucrosomial iron technology in Zurich for “The European Iron Club 2018”

“The European Iron Club 2018”, the most important European meeting focused on scientific research and innovation in the field of iron, took place in Zurich at the beginning of February.


PharmaNutra SPA was present with two posters related to Sucrosomial® Iron, the Alesco patent at the base of the SiderAL® product line: the first was the result of the researches of Dr Germano Tarantino and Dr Elisa Brilli from the scientific department, with the contribution of the University of Pisa; meanwhile the second one came from the collaboration between the company and the universities of Verona and Brescia.

Moreover, as to confirm the excellent scientific results obtained by Sucrosomial® Iron, Dr. Giulio Giordano (specialized in hematology at the University of the Sacred Heart in Rome) made a lecture to present the results of the study he personally conducted regarding the differences between Sucrosomial® Iron and other types of iron currently on the market.


The Zurich congress not only represented the opportunity to develop and deepen the themes of iron research and its fundamental properties for health care, but it was also an opportunity to present to medical experts the positive effects of sucrosomial technology developed and patented by PharmaNutra which, as already highlighted during the 59th edition of the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition  is “one of the most innovative products” in the industry, a tangible sign that the efforts made by our researchers are getting more and more consensus at an international level.