13 July 2020 |

Further Analysis of PharmaNutra in Market Insight

Market Insight continues its in-depth study of PharmaNutra S.p.A. through interviews with Chairman and CEO, Roberto Lacorte, and Managing Director, Carlo Volpi.


Market Insight is a sector-specific source of financial information created to provide professionals (analysts, advisors and institutional investors) with an instrument for information and financial analysis whilst at the same time meeting the demands of retail investors operating in the increasingly popular online trading platforms.


The two interviews have focussed on the company’s financial and commercial aspects respectively, highlighting its constant growth in both areas. More specifically, Roberto Lacorte underlined the 2019 financial results, commenting how “on the basis of data currently in our possession, we can expect confirmation of PharmaNutra’s growth also into 2020”Carlo Volpi, on the other hand, reflected on the commercial strategies of the company, placing particular attention on perspectives for years to come, therefore confirming “our objective to reach a sales network made up of 200 ISCs in 2021, strengthening our presence in PharmaNutra’s active sectors and aiming to penetrate other reference markets”.


The two complete interviews can be found here:

Roberto Lacorte: “A 2019 beyond expectations which confirm double-figure growth”

Carlo Volpi: “A distribution model that can accommodate changing market demands”


Market Insight’s Zoom will conclude with an interview with company President, Andrea Lacorte over the following weeks, in which he will discuss the scientific aspects that have always characterised PharmaNutra’s operations.