22 October 2019 |

PharmaNutra at the Aim Italia Conference driven by the positive analyst forecasts

risultati semestrali 2019 pharmanutra

Yesterday in London, the key event focusing on Italian companies in the AIM segment. BUY rating with increased target price estimates in the equity research published by CFO SIM (TP 27.70 € increased by +35.8% compared to last estimate) and Alantra (TP 25.00 € increased by +22% compared to last estimate).


PharmaNutra was among the stars of the Aim Italia Conference, organised yesterday by Borsa Italiana, the Italian Stock Exchange, in London to offer Italian and international investors and analysts the opportunity to review the results achieved and the future prospects for dynamic and competitive SMEs quoted on the AIM Italia market.

PharmaNutra, represented by the President, Andrea Lacorte, the Vice President, Roberto Lacorte, and the COO, Carlo Volpi, met with many international investors attracted by the Group’s path of growth, illustrating its strategies for growth and expansion on new markets.

The Company’s excellent performance has also emerged in recent studies published by the Alantra and CFO SIM analysts. Following the Group’s positive results in the first half of 2019, as well as the confirmation of its “BUY” rating, both operators have increased their target price estimates of the Company, from 21.50 to 25.00 EUR (+22%) in the case of Alantra and from 23.30 to 27.70 EUR (+35.8%) in the study published by CFO SIM.

The increase in target price expectations derives from a number of factors. The research highlights the soundness of the overall results and integrate a further increase in national and international sales in their forecasts, deriving from the new export distribution contracts and the acceleration of new proprietary products, including UltraMag® and ApportAL®, on the Italian domestic market following the Group’s continuous investments in Research and Development.

Roberto Lacorte, Vice President of PharmaNutra, commented: “We discussed our results and prospects with investors, firmly convinced of the development path we have undertaken which will confirm the Group’s position as a key chemical and pharmaceutical industrial concern. This is all thanks to the soundness and constant growth of our accounts which, along with a proportionate growth in staff numbers, the new products being launched and our penetration of new foreign markets, allow us to look enthusiastically towards a long-term future”.