06 April 2018 |

New great success for Cetilar®: PharmaNutra obtains the patent grant

A new, fundamental strategic business asset has been added to those already owned by PharmaNutra SPA. On 5 February 2018 the company received from the Italian Patent Office the patent grant for Cetilar ® RM (number 102015000044822).


Required in 2015, the patent will be valid for 20 years. In the past two years between the request (in fact the date of the filing day is valid) and the concession, the patent is valid, since no one else can deposit the application or sell the product. However, only from the time it is granted this takes on the value of intellectual property and it is guaranteed for 20 years. Therefore, starting from this year, the Cetilar® RM patent is officially an important corporate asset for PharmaNutra SPA.



Cetilar: an innovative product with unique properties


Cetilar® is an unique product, the result of the innovation and scientific research of the PharmaNutra Group, launched on the market in October 2016. It is a topical cream based on cetylated fatty acids (7.5% CFA), addressed mainly to sportsmen who do not want to give up their passions because of muscular discomfort and joint problems. Also available in a Patch version, Cetilar® helps the ability to move in articular affections on an osteoarthritic basis, thus reducing pain symptoms at musculoskeletal level and helping the recovery of mobility and rehabilitation resulting from inflammatory phenomena and joint and/or muscular sports injuries.


The official confirmation after years of studies and scientific researches


The confirmation of the patent grant is the culmination of years of scientific studies and researches carried out by the PharmaNutra Group. Excellence in the Italian pharmaceutical sector and leader in Europe in the field of iron-based integrators with the patented SiderAL® products, the company is now present worldwide in 38 countries, it has about 50 direct employees, of which 9 are researchers, and collaborates with a network of about 150 single-brand commercial scientific informants. This is the official confirmation of the innovation and the unique properties of Cetilar®, thanks to which PharmaNutra SPA is present in the world of sport in different disciplines, starting from football – main sponsor of Parma Calcio – running, through the organization and sponsorship of numerous running events, sailing, thanks to the famous regatta 151 Miglia, and motorsport, with the team Cetilar Villorba Corse.