30 April 2019 |

PharmaNutra on the front line for sports medicine

pharmanutra medicina sportiva

During the conference “Medicine Medicine meets the universe of sports”, PharmaNutra presented its two leading brands, SiderAL® and Cetilar®, as well as new scientific studies conducted in collaboration with the Parma Calcio medical team.
Last weekend, the 28th edition of the Isokinetic Medical Group Conference was held at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London. Entitled “Football Medicine meets the universe of sports”, the event was focused on the world of sports medicine, to explore new treatment techniques in case of injuries, in football as well as in other sports.
PharmaNutra took part in the event as an exhibiting company, with a space dedicated to the company’s two leading brands, SiderAL® and Cetilar®. The target? Bringing our experience and research to the world of sports medicine and rehabilitation, from the integration of iron and mineral salts to the recovery of joint and musculoskeletal disorders.
During this important occasion, PharmaNutra’s R&D department has been able to present a preview of the new article, published in the periodical Science & Sport, entitled “Sucrosomial® iron and folic acid supplementation is able to induce IL-6 levels variation in healthy trained professional athletes, regardless of the hemoglobin and iron values”.

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