10 December 2018 |

New areas of application recognised for Sucrosomial® Iron

ferro sucrosomiale e malattie intestinali croniche

PharmaNutra S.p.A., a leading pharmaceutical company in the iron-based nutritional supplements sector, listed on the AIM Market Italy, reports important new results and applications for Sucrosomial® Technology, the patent that has allowed PharmaNutra Group to gain a leadership position in the production of iron-based nutritional supplements.
The official journal of the Italian Internal Medicine Society, “Internal and Emergency Medicine Journal”, has published a study conducted by the group headed by Professor Antonello Pietrangelo, Gastroenterologist and Full Professor of Internal Medicine at Policlinico di Modena Hospital, entitled: “Safety and efficacy of sucrosomial iron in inflammatory bowel disease patients with iron deficiency anaemia” .
This is the first full paper on IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) to demonstrate the efficacy and high tolerability of Sucrosomial Iron® for treating iron deficiency, a frequent complication of IBD. The use of Sucrosomial® Iron, supplemented for 12 weeks in a population of 30 subjects with a confirmed diagnosis of Crohn’s disease or ulcerous rectocolitis associated with moderate iron deficiency, significantly improved haemoglobin levels (in 86% of subjects). An improvement was also evident in the progress of the bowel disease during the observation period.
This study thus certifies the value of Sucrosomial® Iron in an area such as sideropenia in the case of IBD, a condition constantly on the rise in recent years: in Italy alone, according to the scientific society IG-IBD (Italian Inflammatory Bowel Disease Group), 200-250 thousand people are estimated to suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.
Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of PharmaNutra, commented: “This study confirms and extends the field of application of Sucrosomial® Iron also in subjects with an iron deficit related to inflammatory bowel disease, increasingly frequent these days. It therefore shows that the Sucrosomial® Technology developed and patented by PharmaNutra Group enjoys increasing recognition from the scientific community for its efficacy and excellent tolerability, which makes it very useful in all cases of a lack or reduced nutritional intake of iron”.