08 January 2020 |

IQVIA-FederSalus: SiderAL® Forte is the market’s number one product in Italy

Sideral Forte 20 capsule con ferro sucrosomiale integratore più venduto in Italia

The food supplement market is growing in Italy and SiderAL® Forte 20 capsules is the most sold nutritional supplement in the country.


The new year has started in the best way possible for PharmaNutra.
According to the latest market IQVIA source figures* formalised by FederSalus – main reference point for the companies and organisations operating in the food supplement sector – referred to October 2019, SiderAL® Forte 20 capsules, a Sucrosomial® Iron and Vitamin C based nutritional supplement, is the market’s number one product for both MAT (Moving Annual Total, expressing the sales made in the last mobile year) and YTD values (Year To Date, that is sales made up to that moment in the calendar year).


This is a very important result highlighting how the SiderAL® products based on Sucrosomial® Iron – a patent of Alesco Srl, a PharmaNutra Group company – have conquered important market shares and have obtained important scientific results.


In general, as reported by FederSalus based on the IQVIA source results, in the first 10 months of 2019, the nutritional supplement market showed a +3.5% trend and a 2% volume increase in consumption. Compared to the same month in 2018, changes at October 2019 were +4.6% in value and +3.3% in volume.


“The IQVIA source figures published by FederSalus are really very positive, but not a surprise for those like us who have always believed in the revolutionary capacity of our Sucrosomial® Technology and the products made with it”, declares the President of PharmaNutra S.p.A. Andrea Lacorte. “For several years now, the international scientific community studies and publications have been acknowledging the value of our patent. So the next step could only be a market success, now a reality”.

*The figures refer to the total of distribution channels (source IQVIA).