07 February 2020 |

New international agreements for the distribution of SiderAL®

pharmanutra sigla nuovi accordi per la distribuzione internazionale di sideral e cetilar

The Group communicates that it has signed new agreements with Casa Marzam S.A. and with Zentiva K.S. to distribute its Sucrosomial® iron-based products in Mexico, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Sucrosomial® technology gives PharmaNutra S.p.A. yet another fundamental boost in growth on foreign markets: the pharmaceutical company has finalised another two agreements linked to its innovative patent enabling SiderAL® line products to become the most effective and the best sellers in the sector.

The first agreement was signed with Casa Marzam S.A., the Mexican giant with 84 years’ experience in the pharma sector, thanks to 10 distribution channels, more than 200 active pharmaceutical representatives and a wide range of products for the paediatric, cardiology, gynaecology and oncology sectors; in its approach to the oral iron sector, the Mexican company has decided to adopt the PharmaNutra Group’s patented technology, a unique action mechanism that can overcome the limits and problems linked to the administration of this mineral with its reduced absorption and limited gastrointestinal tolerability. Casa Marzam S.A., with whom PharmaNutra established a solid relationship during CPHI in Madrid, will distribute in Mexico – territory with a high lack of iron percentage – SiderAL® Folic 30 mg/20 stick and SiderAL® Forte 30 mg/20 cps, the first step in a partnership with considerable potential and prospects.

The second agreement was finalised with Zentiva K.S., a successful company whose origins date
right back to 1488, year in which an enterprising pharmacist in a Prague pharmacy gave life to what
is now one of the main European pharmaceutical market enterprises. Present in Italy too since 2011,
Zentiva will distribute SiderAL® Forte Int 30 mg/30 cps and SiderAL® Folic 30 mg/20 stick in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, crucial, strategic nodes projecting PharmaNutra towards fast, significant growth in the East European markets.

“The two new agreements finalised with Casa Marzam S.A and Zentiva K.S. are part of an extremely
significant international expansion process linked to the Sucrosomial® Technology. A process that
takes new steps every month, confirming the scientific validity of our patentdeclares the President Andrea Lacorte. “I need to point out that these are companies that, when deciding to enter the oral iron market, had no doubts and went directly for what is obviously currently the best”.