12 December 2017 |

A tangible action in memory of the young Marianeve

Marianeve. Fairy tales, smiles, wolves and princesses is a beautiful book written by Daniela Marazzini (Nonna Lela) and illustrated by Fabio Leonardi for Pacini Editore. It was conceived and realized in memory of the young Marianeve, the six-year-old girl who passed away last December in Pisa amid the despair and the dismay of a whole community.


To keep the memory alive and, above all, to help the many – too many – children who grow up surrounded by thousands of difficulties, Elisa and Domenico, Marianeve’s, extraordinary parents, got involved in a project – Marianeve’s smile – promoted by GMA-Gruppo Missioni Africa Onlus, with the goal of building a nursery school in Wassera, in southern Ethiopia.
All this as a concrete sign of hope, so that the smile of Marianeve can again shine on the faces of many children who will finally have a place where they can learn reading, writing, and arithmetic – fundamental tools to promote hope and, above all, to fight for a better future.


All the proceeds from the sale of the book – a perfect gift for children and for parents who don’t want to lose the healthy habit of telling fairy tales and fantastic stories to their children – will be used to subsidize this project, in which we at PharmaNutra did not hesitate to believe, well aware of the importance that education plays in the growth of the new generations.