02 March 2018 |

World Partners Convention 2018: a borderless success


This week PharmaNutra S.p.A. was engaged in the first edition of the World Partners Convention 2018, a meeting dedicated exclusively to the Group’s foreign partners which has met a great success.

The three days event saw the participation of commercial partners from all over the world, who have contributed for years to the spread of SiderAL®, the line of products based on Sucrosomial  Iron®, a patent that continues to obtain important awards all over the world.

The goal? Sharing scientific knowledge, communication policies and growth strategies in the different market contexts.


The meeting has been strongly supported by Andrea Lacorte (Chairman) and Roberto Lacorte (Vice-Chairman), together with Roberta Romani (Export Manager) and Carlo Volpi (COO), who has for a long time felt the need to compare the experiences of the different partners and give credibility not only to the scientific work, but also to the company’s commercial and marketing efforts.

“Honestly, I am not surprised by the success of the initiative, because from my previous experiences I have seen that these are the occasions to give more value to our work in the eyes of partners and collaborators”, comments the President. He goes on underlining the fact that “the greatest satisfaction was to see that the guests learned from each other’s experiences, from the most important partner to the smaller or more recent company. Someone has even changed his vision about how to distribute the production, understanding its scientific value and its potential.”


The initial goal was to stimulate partners spreading the SiderAL® patents technology, and this stimulus came from the same atmosphere of the convention, from the synergy created in these days which has risen a healthy competition between countries. It was not an input from the top to increase selling but a challenge with ourselves and with foreign colleagues. Because, as Dr. Romani recalls, there are markets that have huge potential, in which Sucrosomial Iron® can really make the difference in the treatment of diseases related to anemia.


But the World Partners Convention has revealed much more: foreign guests have been particularly impressed by the reception reserved for them and of course by the beauties of Pisa, which they had the opportunity to visit for the first time. Perhaps, what remains after this experience is most of all the passion and dedication of the whole PharmaNutra’s family, from the scientific and commercial department to the marketing and communication managers.


This event consolidates the international success of the Group and represents the perfect launching pad towards the international conference on iron deficiency to be held in April in Lisbon.

Once again PharmaNutra S.p.A. confirms to be a guarantee for the medical class and for the worldwide partners, thanks to the numerous scientific publications and clinical trials that demonstrate the validity of the products based on Sucrosomial Iron®, but also to the daily commitment of all its collaborators.


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