03 November 2020 |

Launch Cetilar® Tape with menthol: the new Cetilar® line product

Packaging di cetilar® tape con mentolo - il nuovo prodotto della linea cetilar

Innovative, versatile and easy to apply – available in pharmacies from today – it’s an expansion to the patented Cetylated Ester-based (CFA) line for muscles and joints.


Pharmanutra expands its Cetilar® range, a Cetylated Fatty Acids-based (CFA) patented line already available in cream and patch versions. Presented officially during the convention held virtually yesterday and today for the company’s sales force, the new product, available in pharmacies from today onwards, is an important expansion of the Cetilar® brand: a line of products for muscles and joints. At the beginning of May, the line obtained the Play Sure Doping Free certification granted by the No Doping Life association, through certification by Bureau Veritas Italy.

An innovative inelastic, versatile adhesive strip, easy to apply on any part of the body, based on menthol and cetylated fatty acids (CFA) of plant origin, guaranteeing a prolonged benefit for joints, muscles and tendons thanks to its slow release action. Like the other Cetilar® products, it helps reduce painful symptoms following traumas, contractures, pulled muscles, contusions or distortions, as well as recovering mobility improving functionality and movement.

With its market launch of Cetilar® Tape with menthol, a truly practical, easy-to-use product, PharmaNutra takes a further step towards completing the Cetilar® line. Its formulas are not just for those practising sports. They are for anyone living with musculoskeletal conditions”, declares Germano Tarantino, Chief Scientific Officer of PharmaNutra S.p.A. “Thanks to its effective formula, the new product improves joint functionality and rigidity, reduces muscle pain and provides rapid relief to the area being treated thanks to its menthol content. Characteristics making it unique”.

With its Cetilar® brand, PharmaNutra S.p.A. can boast a strong presence in the sports world: from title sponsorship in the football world of Parma Calcio 1913 in Series A and Pisa Sporting Club in Series B, to participation, in Motor sport, in the Endurance World Championships with the Cetilar Racing team, in sailing, running, basketball, volleyball and the Paralympic sports.

Find out all the details on the new Cetilar® website!