08 June 2018 |

PharmaNutra SPA with Cetilar® alongside the Notturna di San Giovanni


After the appointment of the Florence International Multistars Meeting on April 27 and 28, Cetilar® comes back to Florence for one of the Italian oldest running races on the road.


Now in its 79th edition, the Notturna of San Giovanni is now a must for thousands of runners. This year, the famous running race organized by Firenze Marathon can count on the support of PharmaNutra, through the Cetilar® brand.


This year, the appointment is set for Saturday, June 16, with a meeting scheduled in Piazza San Giovanni from 19:00 and the departure set for 21:00. The historic path of the Notturna of San Giovanni is spread over 10 km through the most evocative streets and monuments of Florence, a unique setting able to attract citizens and tourists for an evening of sport and fun. The competitive event is included in the regional calendar of the FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) as a regional running race on the road. In addition to the competitive race, it will be possible to register and take part to the Family Run, a non-competitive event on a reduced 4 km course.


Online registrations are possible until midnight on Thursday 14 June through the Florence Marathon website and Enternow.
Those who are in Florence can also register at the following Registration Points both for the competitive race and for the Family Run, until 6 pm on Friday 15:
The Islet of Sport, via dell’Argingrosso 69 a / b
Fulvio Massini Sports Consultants, Via Fra Giovanni Angelico, 36/11
Florence Marathon, V.le M.Fanti 2


Since its beginning, PharmaNutra has always supported numerous sports disciplines and is already a well-established reality in the world of running, thanks to its contribution to events such as Cetilar Run, Cetilar Pisa Half Marathon, Huawei Rome Ostia Half Marathon and Venice Marathon.
Already alongside the Florence Marathon and the Florence International Multistars Meeting, PharmaNutra will be present in Florence on June 16 with its now classic Cetilar® stand, where a Massage Point will be set up and where experienced physiotherapists will be available for participants before and after the fatigue of the race .


Very well known and particularly appreciated by the athletes, Cetilar® is a unique and patented product, a cream based on cetylated esters (7.5% CFA) which can help the ability to move in case of articular diseases on osteoarthritic basis, reducing pain at a musculoskeletal level and being very useful in the recovery of mobility and rehabilitation caused by inflammatory phenomena and joint or muscular sports injuries. Its effectiveness is also proven by the numerous partnerships established with various sports companies, which have chosen PharmaNutra as official Medical Partner and regularly use Cetilar® for pre and post-race therapeutic massages.