24 October 2017 |

Sucrosomial Iron quoted in Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy

In a recent article published by the eminent Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy, periodical indexed with an Impact Factor of 3,894, cited sucrosomial iron as an alternative in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
Written by researchers from the Universities of Frankfurt (GER) and Ankara (TUR), the article recalls sucrosomic technology – an Alesco patent that is the basis of our SiderAL® – and its important benefits for iron supplement therapy, thanks to its maximum tolerability and the absence of collateral effects compared with traditional iron cure.


Also cited are studies showing it is not inferior to the intravenous iron treatment and in the comparison table with other irons, SiderAL® Forte is also cited, an international recognition for PharmaNutra SPA and the confirmation that the unique properties of Sucrosomial Iron are becoming more and more the first choice in the treatment for IBD.