10 September 2020 |

New distribution agreement signed for Bolivia

pharmanutra sigla nuovi accordi per la distribuzione internazionale di sideral e cetilar

The PharmaNutra Group further strengthens its presence outside Europe thanks to a new trade agreement with the Bolivian pharmaceutical company Drogueria Inti.


With strong, on-going foreign expansion in mind, PharmaNutra S.p.A. has signed a new international distribution agreement for its SiderAL® (Sucrosomial® Iron) products.


The agreement has been signed with Drogueria Inti, the largest, most important pharmaceutical company in the South American country: a giant with 82 years’ experience, more than 1000 employees and 400 pharmaceutical representatives in Bolivia. The Bolivian company is a sector reference point in a country with more than 10 million inhabitants and a growing economy, with growth rates averaging 5% (one of the highest in the region).


Drogueria Inti will be the official, sole distributor for Bolivia for four SiderAL® products. This oral iron nutritional supplement, Italian nutraceutical market leader, is based on the innovative Sucrosomial® Technology, a patent reducing the collateral effects commonly associated with other types of iron, which has literally revolutionised the sector, supported by several clinical trials. Drogueria Inti will distribute SiderAL® Folic 30mg and SiderAL® Forte Int 30mg for PharmaNutra S.p.A., and SiderAL® Gocce Int bottle 30ml and SiderAL® Oro Int 12mg for Junia Pharma.


“The exclusive distribution agreement signed with Drogueria Inti for Bolivia is of strategic importance and goes well beyond the specific territorial area. We are already present in South America, more specifically in Brazil, thanks to the agreements with our historical partner Zambon. However, the agreement with Drogueria Inti is the first one closed through our business development scouting in a Latin American country”, explains Carlo Volpi, COO of PharmaNutra S.p.A. “The fact that the agreement is for both PharmaNutra and Junia Pharma products is significant, as it can lead to further growth and distribution prospects in South America”.

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