05 July 2018 |

PharmaNutra main character of the Healthcare Forum 2018


A year after the quotation on the stock exchange, the PharmaNutra Group’s success story has been witnessed by the Vice President Roberto Lacorte during the inauguration of the first edition of the “Healthcare Forum” in Milan.


PharmaNutra¬†took part as protagonist at the¬†“Healthcare Forum”¬†first edition¬†organized by¬†Borsa Italiana,¬†Assobiomedica¬†and¬†Farmindustria. An opportunity to meet listed companies and the financial community, to analyze the main trends in the sector and to understand stock exchange opportunities.
In his speech at the round table that involved him and other top managers of pharmaceutical groups. Vice President Roberto Lacorte testified the very positive experience of Pharmanutra almost a year after the quotation.


Almost 12 months after the debut, the Group has increased its market value, with a capitalization increased by more than 50% (from 89 millions of euros* to 142.7 million of euros**) and a stock appreciation of over 40%***, guaranteeing its initial investors more than 80% returns from the day on which negotiations started today (calculating the combination of shares and warrants, the latter exercised by September 2017 at their maximum value). Year 2017 was confirmed as a year of great growth, as shown in the figures for the year: revenues of 37.8 millions of euros (+ 15.3% compared to 2016), EBITDA of 9.5 million euros (+ 26.3%) and a 6 million of euros net income (+ 56.6%).


The year 2018 also started under the best auspices and allows us to wait for very positive trends, both in terms of economic fundamentals and in terms of products development in Italy and abroad. The confirmation also comes from the recent selling data of may 2018, Pharmanutra smashed a new record compared to the previous year: + 20% in Italy and + 48% of sales on foreign markets.



Roberto Lacorte, Vice President of Pharmanutra, declares: “We are very satisfied with our first year on the Stock Exchange, a place where we have contributed to increasing value for our shareholders and we have been able to make our business better known to the international financial community. In fact, in addition to wanting to consolidate its growth in foreign markets where it is already present (38 countries in the world), Pharmanutra aims to enter in new strategic countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, UK, Pakistan and India. Our commitment is to continue our development, at the base of which there is a strong research and development activity, key factor in the success of our products “.



* The data includes the valuation of the 2,000,000 Price Adjustment Shares, unlisted on the day of initial trading and subsequently converted into ordinary shares.
** The data related to the capitalization of Pharmanutra is updated to 4 July 2018 (source: Borsa Italiana).
*** The value is obtained by comparing the subscription price of the convertible bonds issued by the Ipo Challenger 1 prebooking company, equal to 10 Euro, with the closing date of the stock at 4 July 2018.