15 July 2021 |

PharmaNutra confirmed as main sponsor of Parma Calcio for the season 2021/2022

Pharmanutra main sponsor parma calcio - conferenza di presentazione

Collaboration of PharmaNutra and Parma Calcio has been reconfirmed: the Cetilar® brand will be on the team shirts for the fifth consecutive season.

PharmaNutra S.p.A. is pleased to announce the renewal of the contract for main sponsorship with Parma Calcio 1913. The news comes as no surprise, as PharmaNutra has indeed remained alongside the Parma team now for four seasons with the brand Cetilar®, but news of the new contract between the two companies was only made official during the press conference held at the Tardini stadium of Parma.

The name pairing Cetilar® – Parma Calcio is now familiar, both for fans and the club, with which PharmaNutra boasts collaboration for over ten years, starting out as a medical partner to then become the main sponsor in the season 2017-2018, the year of the historic return of Parma to the “Serie A” division. A partnership that goes beyond simple sponsorship and which for years has enabled the Group to pursue a programme of successful scientific initiatives, such as the conferences on sports medicine and nutrition organised each year together with the Medical Staff of the Parma club.

The press conference saw the participation of the Chairman of Parma Calcio 1913 Kyle J. Krause, the Chairman of Erreà Angelo Gandolfi and the Executive Director of PharmaNutra Carlo Volpi, who made the following comments on the two welcome announcements.

Kyle J. Krause, Chairman of Parma Calcio 1913: “It is enormously satisfying to know we have alongside us two major companies like PharmaNutra, with its brand Cetilar®, and Erreà: both have decided to continue partnering with us and we are extremely proud of this”.

“The relationship between PharmaNutra and Parma Calcio is now so well-rooted and based on mutual respect and trust, that the renewal for the next season seems a natural and spontaneous progression, regardless of results, which sadly last year did not reward the efforts of the team and the new ownership”, commented Carlo Volpi, Executive Director of PharmaNutra S.p.A. “It has already been 4 years since Cetilar® has been the main sponsor for Parma and more than ten that the two of us have successfully worked together in the medical and scientific sectors: the result is a partnership of excellence, a well-grounded pathway of mutual progress built through a shared and forward-looking vision. Over the years we have grown together, boasting significant achievements, with the strong conviction that sport represents a solid educational tool for all generations, founded on values such as discipline, sacrifice, sharing and consistency. These are fundamental pillars both in sport and in our business. And they represent the foundations of a shared path, with the common objective of restoring Parma Calcio to the position it deserves. We worked well with the previous owners and we are very pleased to continue with the new owners, certain that all projects under way – the Collecchio Centre and the Tardini Stadium – can represent a further stimulus when looking to the new season with enthusiasm and passion to continue growing together”.

From 21 August, Parma Calcio will restart in “Serie B”, with a completely redesigned team, starting with the new manager Enzo Maresca, not to mention the return of Gianluigi Buffon in goal after 20 years and the campaign on this transfer acquisition market. The aim is clear: to get back to Serie A immediately, and get ready to complete among the big names in Italian football.

During the press conference, as well as the presentation of the sponsor Cetilar®, the team also presented the new shirt to its fans, revealed together with the historical technical sponsor Erreà.