30 August 2021 |

New PharmaNutra HQ: laying of the cornerstone and official start of construction

With the groundbreaking of today, PharmaNutra S.p.A. officially begins the construction works of its new headquarters and pharmaceutical centre in Pisa.

In a ceremony held this afternoon, attended by the Mayor of Pisa, Michele Conti, Archbishop Giovanni Paolo Benotto and other local authorities, brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte, respectively President and Vice President of PharmaNutra Group, presided over the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone marking the official start of construction, which will take about 16 months with a total investment of approximately 18 million Euro.

This is an important milestone in the history of the Pisa-based company, which was founded by Lacorte in 2003 and is already a leader in the Italian nutraceutical industry. The innovative research laboratory and new centre of production will allow PharmaNutra to acquire full control over production of its own raw materials and to concrete its independence on the R&D activities.

The new industrial complex of the PharmaNutra Group, which also includes the subsidiaries Junia Pharma S.r.l. and Alesco S.r.l., was designed by Caponi & Arrighi Architetti Associati, Studio Tecnico Associato EMMEGI di Malvaldi e Grassini Geometri and C&P Engineering S.r.l., while the works will be realized by General Contractor SACAIM S.p.A., a subsidiary of international construction company Rizzani de Eccher.

The basic idea was to transfer, develop and give the project an “ethical imprinting” that perfectly reflects the philosophy of a company that has made people the focus of its work right from the start, coming up with the perfect combination of flexibility, efficiency, research, innovation and quality.

render nuova sede pharmanutra - vista frontale del progettoRender of the new PharmaNutra HQ: front view of the entrance


Designed to comply with the highest technological, ergonomic and energy efficiency standards, the new building – located close to the San Rossore natural park – will also offer tangible evidence of PharmaNutra’s commitment to sustainability, in terms of attention to both the environment and people. Employee’s well-being will be assured in the facility with several green spaces and areas for relaxation and conviviality, as well as a gym. This low-impact facility with its simple, functional layout will cover a total of more than 5,200 sqm, including 2,200 sqm for production, 1,600 sqm for management offices and about 1,500 sqm for complementary services, as well as outdoor spaces for more than 10,000 sqm.

The building used for production will be the industrial heart of the new facility: there will be areas for scientific research and quality control, as well as one of Europe’s most innovative nutritional research and development laboratories. The future PharmaNutra Research Centre will attract new scientists and permit new partnerships with prestigious Italian and international universities and research institutes.


This is a significant leap forward, representing not only consolidation of the company’s growth in recent years, but also a major investment in development in the Pisa area, with an impact on the economy, employment and society of the city.

“Today’s groundbreaking represents a milestone in our company’s history. It is really exciting to think that we are not just talking about the new PharmaNutra headquarters, but actually beginning its construction!” commented PharmaNutra S.p.A. Chairman Andrea Lacorte. “I wish to emphasise that this will be a space designed in symbiosis with nature, aesthetically and conceptually projected into the future, where people and their needs are the key focus. As a place where people can work in perfect tranquillity, the project will definitely bring further growth for our company not only thanks to bigger and more comfortable spaces for everyone, but also thanks to the use of a building dedicated exclusively to R&D.”

Roberto Lacorte, PharmaNutra Group’s Vice Chairman, stated: “Today is a very important day for our company, as we take a new step towards concrete implementation of the reality my brother and I have always dreamed of: a pharmaceutical company with a suitable facility for production, and research and development, where we can make the most of our proprietary technologies. In addition to this, we offer our colleagues the best possible working environment, an advanced facility representing a powerful tool for the company’s future development.”

“I’m very happy to be here today to witness the start of construction of the new headquarters of the Pharmanutra Group,” commented Michele Conti, Mayor of Pisa, who attended the ceremony. “Just outside Pisa, near San Rossore Park, we will soon have a modern building containing offices, production facilities and research laboratories, a truly unique workplace for employees and researchers alike. The company’s history and present are very important to our city, and its success is a result of the hard work, intuition and dedication of the Lacorte brothers, Andrea and Roberto, and of all the employees who were educated in our city’s secondary schools and university. Their successful experience can and must represent a model for anyone wanting to implement their business ideas and work, live and invest in Pisa, a city with plenty of opportunities and resources to offer.”