24 March 2023 |

PharmaNutra S.p.A. presents the Cetilar® Nutrition line, a new milestone in sports nutrition

PharmaNutra S.p.A. presents the Cetilar® Nutrition line, a new milestone in sports nutrition

After years in the sports field with its Cetilar® trauma line, PharmaNutra now applies Sucrosomial® Technology to its new sports nutrition line

PharmaNutra expands its product range with the market launch of Cetilar® Nutrition, its new line of nutritional supplements developed mainly for athletes.

Officially presented today during the SANIS event (National Convention of Sports Nutrition), the first national meeting for professionals held at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome, Cetilar® Nutrition is a new product line developed for nutrition and performance improvement of professional athletes derived from PharmaNutra’s years of research in the field of nutrition, with numerous technologies and patents.

In fact, the minerals contained in Cetilar® Nutrition products –iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, iodine and magnesium hydroxide– are delivered to the body via Sucrosomial® Technology, a PharmaNutra patent that has revolutionised the dietary supplement market, ensuring better absorption and high tolerability.

Cetilar® Nutrition is a truly innovative product line representing a new safe and effective approach for supporting the needs of a body under intense athletic activity.

The Cetilar® Nutrition line products launched in the market are:

  • Race Gel (carbohydrate gels, caffeine-free)
  • Race Gel Caf and Race Carb Caf (carbohydrate gel or powder, with caffeine)
  • Endurance Gel and Endurance Carb (carbohydrate gels or powder, with caffeine)
  • Race Bar (protein-energy bars, in three exclusive new flavours)
  • Hydral (re-hydration powder sticks)
  • Rest (athlete rest tablets)
  • Recover (athlete recovery powder)
  • Shield (complete body protection powder)

The products from the Nutrition line are Play Sure Doping Free-certified, which ensures they are free of any prohibited ingredients and, therefore, suitable for those who practice sports, just like the rest of the products of the Cetilar® brand – the PharmaNutra brand supporting elite sports teams like the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team in the America’s Cup 2024 and the Ferrari-AF Corse auto-racing team at the World Endurance Championship with the new Ferrari Hypercar 499P.

Technical details, scientific product information and the e-shop to purchase the products of the Cetilar® Nutrition line in Italy and Spain are available at http://cetilar.com

Andrea Lacorte, President of Pharmanutra S.p.A, comments: ”With Cetilar® Nutrition, PharmaNutra is capitalising on a 10+ year investment in the world of sports with the Cetilar® brand, an investment initially limited to trauma and now extended into our other passion, nutrition. We chose to dedicate Nutrition to athletes, whether professional or amateur, and aimed at quality with a line built around their very specific needs. Nutrition is finally out after two years of intense work focused on painstakingly fine-turning the products, and I’m not referring to the formula alone, but also to the palatability of the products, which is quite unique. We spent the last six months putting together a team with a strong scientific background that could work full-time on the line and it is already at work between Italy and Spain. We want to change the paradigm in sports nutrition supplementation not only with our innovative formulations but also through robust sports-science information. And we’re also looking to gain entry into sports that are new to us, like cycling, for example, because we believe our technology can greatly help athletes competing in these sports”.

Roberto Lacorte, Vice President and MD of PharmaNutra S.p.A., comments: “The launch of Cetilar® Nutrition represents a crucial moment for the PharmaNutra group and a vital step for its intensive growth. That’s because after so many years of presence in the world of sports with the Cetilar® trauma line and other PharmaNutra dietary products, our full technology and experience were successfully materialised in a specific, before-during-after competition line of nutritional supplements. Cetilar® Nutrition is an expression of PharmaNutra’s values in a market that offers plenty of unexplored territory and of opportunities for our company in terms of profitability and growth”.

Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of PharmaNutra S.p.A., commented: ”We had been wanting to enter the athletic performance market for some time, and with this I’m not only referring to elite athletes but also those who train hard to improve their performance. We finally did it with Cetilar® Nutrition by focusing on a specific line of products developed for those who are serious about taking their performance to the next level with a new approach, because athletes have always been our concern and we wish to put them in the best condition to improve their performance. And not only before and during the competition, but also afterwards, during recovery, thanks to a series of formulations unrivalled in the sports nutrition market. But for Nutrition this is just the beginning, because we will soon be adding other products, supplementing the current lineup with new formulations”.