10 June 2022 |

PharmaNutra wins the No Doping Life 2022 Award

The No Doping Life Association has awarded PharmaNutra the No Doping Life 2022 prize, during the event “Certifichiamo la Sana Cultura Sportiva. Impatto del Doping sulla Salute Fisica e Mentale.”, held on Friday 10 June at the Department of Pharmacy at the Federico II University in Naples. The prize, which has a high ethical and symbolic value, was awarded to PharmaNutra for its widespread commitment to fighting doping and supporting sports over the last few years.

Since 2020, the No Doping Life association, in technical partnership with Bureau Veritas Italia, has granted ApportAL® and all the products in the Cetilar® line, Play Sure Doping Free certification, a control system that identifies nutritional supplements and medical devices without any substances that are considered potentially doping, guaranteeing their quality and use for sports practitioners at all levels.

The very close bond between PharmaNutra and the sports world goes beyond the mere sponsorship of events, teams and sports associations, aiming first and foremost to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, social relations, to support local community and care for the environment. Precisely for this reason, being awarded the No Doping Life 2022 prize is a tangible recognition of the work done over the years by PharmaNutra and its teams, from racing to football, sailing to basketball, volleyball to running and paralympic sports, spreading a culture of healthy, clean and increasingly inclusive sport.

Collecting the prize were Germano Tarantino, Chief Scientific Officer of PharmaNutra, and Mario Fantini, from the Regulatory and Quality Assurance office, who underlined the company’s great satisfaction in receiving this award.