06 February 2023 |

PharmaNutra: Update on the works on the new headquarters

The brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte, along with the Mayor of Pisa, Michele Conti, and Municipal Councillor for Public Works, Raffaele Latrofa, visit the site where the new company headquarters are being built in Pisa, in the area next to the San Rossore National Park

2023 is a year of extraordinary potential for PharmaNutra, the group uniting the subsidiaries PharmaNutra S.p.A. (MTA; Ticker PHN), company specialised in iron- and mineral-based nutritional supplements and medical devices for joints and muscles, Junia Pharma S.r.l., Alesco S.r.l., and, in the last few months, also Akern S.r.l.: from the company’s twentieth anniversary – the brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte founded PharmaNutra in 2003 – to the many agreements being concluded for distribution on international markets, and the inauguration of the brand-new and much-awaited headquarters and pharmaceutical pole, currently being built in Pisa, in the area next to San Rossore National Park

And it is precisely with a visit to the site of this ambitious project, little over 12 months after laying the first stone, that the top management of the company opened the new year, spending a morning in the company of the Mayor of Pisa, Michele Conti, Municipal Councillor for Public Works of Pisa, Raffaele Latrofa, and the people in charge of the works, Architect Alessandro Caponi and Surveyor Alessandro Malvaldi, to take a look at the works progress.

“Things are proceeding to schedule, and seeing for ourselves how this project is coming together is a great thrill,” explains Andrea Lacorte, underlining the importance of the new headquarters and the Group’s path to growth and expansion, thanks to the innovative nutritional research laboratory and the new production hub, through which PharmaNutra will hold full control over the production of raw materials and complete autonomy over its R&D activities. “We will certainly be able to drastically accelerate our activities. We are starting to install the laboratory systems, recruiting new technicians, which is fundamental for building PharmaNutra’s scientific basis for the future. And in a great place too, surrounded by greenery and peace, where it will be a pleasure for our employees to work.

The total investment for the construction of the new headquarters is around 20 million Euros, based on the design by Caponi & Arrighi Architetti Associati, Studio Tecnico Associato EMMEGI di Malvaldi e Grassini Geometri and C&P Engineering S.r.l., and built by the General Contractor SACAIM S.p.A., a subsidiary of the Rizzani de Eccher construction company.

A considerable effort, as underlined by the Group’s Vice-Chairman Roberto Lacorte, and yet another confirmation of the ambition of a company that, in just a few years, has become a leader in the production of iron-based nutritional supplements under the SiderAL® brand, with a number of major patents for its Sucrosomial® Technology.

“The new headquarters will be the best possible way of representing the company, because that’s exactly how we are: transparency and simplicity within the complexity of a multi-faceted building. It is the vision and perspective of the future, along with the tangibility and quality of the science that will be produced here,” Lacorte underlines. “We give great importance to the human factor, we believe in the professionalism of our staff, in their intuition, and here the contribution of our people will be enhanced to the full. This means quality and well-being, which is then grounded in the excellence of the finished product.”

The new building, with a total surface area of over 5,200 m2, including a production area of 2,200 m2, 1,600 m2 for executive activities and 1,500 m2 for complementary services, as well as over 10,000 m2 of external grounds, was designed to respond to the highest technological, functional and energy efficiency standards. But it also represents a concrete commitment to sustainability –also through its position, close to the wonderful San Rossore natural park– understood as close attention to the environment and to people’s needs. This means being able to count on several gardens, relaxation and convivial areas and a gym, designed for worker well-being.

“A brilliant job is being done here: since the first stone was laid, incredible progress has been made, and I’m really pleased to have seen this for myself,” said the Mayor of Pisa Michele Conti. “I would like to underline the importance of the choice of a company like PharmaNutra, which has decided to continue to work in Pisa, when it could have moved elsewhere. The general situation isn’t easy, and the choice of staying here is really important for the whole local community.”

“Mayor Conti and the Municipal Administration have certainly made a huge contribution to ensuring that the whole project could proceed according to schedule and fully complying with the rules, which is something we consider very important,” concludes Carlo Volpi, Managing Director of PharmaNutra. “Our company has always had strong ties with the area and the city of Pisa and will continue to do so in future. Deciding to build the new headquarters just a mile as the crow flies from the current site, also reconverting an existing building that had been abandoned for several years, is concrete proof of this, as well as an extremely symbolic choice. We are very pleased with our decisions and can’t wait for everything to be ready, so that we can finally move into the new and magnificent house of PharmaNutra.”