07 April 2021 |

Post Covid-19 chronic fatigue: new study demonstrates the effects of ApportAL®

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PharmaNutra S.p.A. communicates the publication of a new, important scientific study on the use of ApportAL® for the treatment of post Covid-19 chronic fatigue, also known as “chronic Covid syndrome” or “Long Covid”.

ApportAL® is a food supplement, launched on the market by PharmaNutra S.p.A. in 2018, containing 19 nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts and minerals in Sucrosomial® form, a patented technology that guarantees greater stability and tolerability and promotes mineral absorption. ApportAL® is already widely used where support for normal immune function is needed, such as conditions of fatigue and tiredness, or to help the energy metabolism during sports, postoperative physiological recovery or in the winter.

Chronic Covid syndrome: the new study

The study was conducted with the help of general practitioners throughout Italy and included around 200 post-Covid patients suffering from persistent fatigue. The patients involved were advised to take ApportAL® for 28 consecutive days, while their levels of fatigue and quality of life were monitored after 14 and after 28 days.

Preliminary results show that a regular ApportAL® supplementation helps to reduce the sensation of persistent fatigue and improve quality of life. Particularly, for the first 100 patients, the data collected indicate that 95% of them obtained a significant benefit over 28 days of taking the supplements. Furthermore, particularly rapid recovery was found in patients who had indicated a more severe level of initial fatigue, including women and the over-60s.

post covid chronic fatigue - oie chart with data of Apportal supplementation

Figure 1. Percentage of people who showed an improvement of fatigue and tiredness symptoms after 28 days of being prescribed ApportAL® supplementation.

Figure 2. Percentage of people (men and women) who showed an improvement in the mental fatigue questionnaire after 14 and after 28 days.

A targeted nutritional approach for post Covid-19 fatigue recovery

This study may be the first to offer a valid remedy and targeted nutritional approach for patients suffering from post-Covid-19 chronic fatigue.

“The results of the investigation conducted on post-Covid patients are extremely significant. First of all because chronic fatigue following infection is unfortunately a very serious and widespread problem, and secondly because it is the world’s first study to analyse the effect of a nutritional supplement in this context,” explains Andrea Lacorte, President of PharmaNutra S.p.A.. “We are aware of the properties and benefits of ApportAL® but having the certainty that it can help post-Covid recovery means offering a real contribution to the health emergency and to those who are having to cope with a particularly difficult and delicate phase today. PharmaNutra’s work focuses specifically on this principle: striving to build a future where scientific progress is at the service of collective well-being, understood as prevention and attention to health.”

Further studies will be necessary to confirm the result, but if the preliminary data are confirmed, this study could be the first to propose a targeted nutritional approach to fighting post-Covid chronic fatigue, a common condition that may last for months after the end of the infection.

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