09 February 2021 |

SiderAL® Forte 20 capsules confirmed the best-selling food supplement in Italy

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2020 ended positively for Sucrosomial® iron-based products, which thanks to SiderAL® Forte have confirmed their market position.

December’s market data*, processed by IQVIA and published by FederSalus, once more confirm the position of SiderAL® Forte 20 capsules as the best-selling product on the overall supplements market. In 2020, the Sucrosomial® iron-based nutritional supplement with Vitamin C, the flagship product in the SiderAL® line, recorded +6.9% growth on 2019, with an overall increase in SiderAL® products of 5.5% in the same period.

This is very positive news, despite the general pharmaceutical market contraction on the previous year: in fact, in 2020 pharmacies recorded a slight drop in turnover of -1.9%. However, it is precisely the nutritional supplements sector that is maintaining a strong position, recording an increase of 1.5% in the same reference period.

In this context, the leadership position held in the niche market by SiderAL® Forte 20 capsules is the result of two joint factors. Firstly, the quality and efficacy of the product, based on the Sucrosomial® Technology, a unique delivery system patented by the PharmaNutra Group. Secondly, the excellent performance of the sales force who, despite the difficulties linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, were able to maintain a strong presence in the territory thanks to the support of new digital medical information tools, organised to provide continuous service to doctors, pharmacists and health facilities struggling to contain the health emergency.

“Clearly we are very satisfied with this further confirmation of the excellent performance of SiderAL® Forte on the supplements market, though we must say we aren’t surprised”, the President of PharmaNutra S.p.A., Andrea Lacorte, declared. “We are fully aware of the value of the product, and know how much it is popular with consumers, who, we should remember, with our Sucrosomial® Technology, can finally count on an oral iron supplement that guarantees maximum tolerability and absorption. These are scientific characteristics that really make a difference in treating iron deficiency”.


*The figures refer to the total of distribution channels (source IQVIA).