03 October 2022 |

PharmaNutra opens up to the Chinese market thanks to TMall Global

Using the leading cross-border e-commerce platform, PharmaNutra has started distributing its SiderAL® brand products in China.

The opening of the new online store dedicated to the SiderAL® range on the cross-border e-commerce platform TMall Global China, launching the sale of nutritional supplements containing Sucrosomial® Iron also on the Chinese market, is a step that looks set to be strategic for the internationalisation targets of the PharmaNutra Group and its nutraceutical technologies. The project was developed in partnership with Adiacent (Sesa Group), the most important Italian agency for the life-science sector in China.

But what is cross-border e-commerce?

Cross-border e-commerce systems are a rapidly growing sector of the Chinese economy and represent an increasingly substantial part of foreign trade. They are distribution systems that allow international companies to sell their products on the Chinese market without necessarily being physically present or having a direct distributor in China, rather by exploiting the logistics network of large e-commerce platforms.

This allows Chinese consumers to purchase high-quality goods in a simple and direct manner and with the guarantee of brand authenticity and delivery within 2 days from ordering. Cross-border e-commerce platforms also make it possible to buy on a global scale through local transactions. From a company perspective, this makes it possible to reach a vast new consumer-base, with a business model in line with Chinese cultural and purchasing habits.

The new SiderAL® store on Tmall Global China

TMall Global is currently the largest cross-border e-commerce player in China, as well as the country’s biggest on-line retailer for the importation and sale of foreign luxury and high-quality goods. On the Tmall Global China platform, “Health & nutrition” is one of the top 5 categories in terms of products browsed and sold. As a matter of fact, when it comes to health and nutritional supplement products, Chinese consumers prefer to buy online, trusting in the quality of well-reputed international brands.

It was for this reason that PharmaNutra decided to approach this new market through TMall Global China. The SiderAL® virtual store, which was officially launched in mid-September, intends to offer Chinese buyers the full range of food supplements containing Sucrosomial® Iron, from the products for adult use through to those intended for children, including our three bestsellers SiderAL® Forte, SiderAL® Folic and SiderAL® Gocce Forte.

“Opening up to China through a cross-border e-commerce channel is an immense challenge, on the one hand because it is a completely new distribution channel for our Group and, on the other, because of the huge opportunities the Chinese market offers, thanks to a very vast user-base and its receptiveness to premium-quality nutraceutical products and food supplements. The launch of the SiderAL® store is undoubtedly just the first step that will lead, in the very near future, to the addition of other products, including the Cetilar® range, for which we were granted a patent by the Chinese authorities last year,” stated Roberto Lacorte, Deputy Chairman of PharmaNutra S.p.A.

Adiacent CEO Paola Castellacci added: “The Chinese market shows great interest in health sector companies that invest abroad. Our agency’s goal is to develop partnerships with leading sector operators. PharmaNutra’s SiderAL® products are in line with both the demands of the Chinese market and our goals, because they represent the highest technological and quality level in the iron supplement segment.”

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