11 October 2021 |

STAR Conference Fall Edition 2021: PharmaNutra meets with analysts and investors

After the meeting in April for the Spring Edition, the appointment with the STAR Conference of the Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange) returns from 12 to 14 October, a virtual meeting with companies, financial analysts and investors. The event brings the Italian and international financial community together every six months to analyse the results achieved and present the future growth prospects of medium-sized companies through one-to-one and small group meetings organised in virtual mode.

President Andrea Lacorte, Vice-President and CEO Roberto Lacorte, COO Carlo Volpi and CFO Francesco Sarti will be attending the meetings to present the recent half-yearly financial results and future outlook, also based on the excellent sales figures recorded in the third quarter of 2021.

“The STAR Conference is a crucial appointment for analysts, investors and companies, and coming into it with outstanding results such as those highlighted first in the half-yearly report and, more recently, by the Q3 sales figures, is also a matter of pride for PharmaNutra. We are delighted to be able to share our constant and vigorous growth with the financial community and we are equally confident that these results will be fully recognised, as has been the case since our listing on the Italian Stock Exchange”, said Roberto Lacorte.

Awaiting the interim report as at 30 September 2021, which will be released following the Board of Directors’ meeting on 8 November, PharmaNutra continues to consolidate its growth path, focusing on the global commercial expansion of its brands and continued investment in research and development.

For details and information on the market performance, please visit the dedicated page on the Italian Stock Exchange website by clicking HERE.

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