The Sucrosomial® Technology, a patented delivery system

The Sucrosomial® Technology was developed to solve a concrete problem: iron deficiency is in fact a very widespread nutritional deficiency in the world. Unfortunately, most existing supplements have some huge limitations, on one hand due to the side effects associated with iron intake, and on the other due to the natural difficulties the body has in absorbing them.

PharmaNutra’s scientific research began in 2003, with a very clear aim: to find an effective, safe way of solving the problems associated with taking this precious mineral, both as a means of prevention and combating iron deficiencies, and as a supplement in all clinical fields where this condition is one of the most common complications.

Food technologies offered the inspiration and starting point: a phospholipid structure able to protect the element while also increasing its absorption. After many in vitro studies, clinical trials, analyses, comparisons and publications, PharmaNutra developed its Sucrosomial® Technology, an innovative delivery system able to protect the molecules of micronutrients like iron, increasing their absorption and improving their tolerability and bioavailability.

In less than a decade, the Sucrosomial® Technology has revolutionised the oral iron martial supplements sector, becoming one of the major market players thanks to the nutritional supplements in the SiderAL® line. Sucrosomial® Iron has been described as the most innovative oral iron in numerous consensus papers, and indeed in 2016 the Sideral® r.m. patent (Sucrosomial® Iron) was voted “Readers Ingredient of the Year” by the famous, authoritative industry journal

The Sucrosomial® Technology of the future

Its success in the medical and commercial field has allowed PharmaNutra to invest new resources to refine and further improve Sucrosomial® Technology, which for years has been successfully applied not only to iron but also to many other minerals that are essential for the human body: magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine, calcium and chromium.

Today, the scientific research activities focus on the development of second-generation Sucrosomials®: new and advanced delivery systems that are able to enhance an increasing number of elements. So not only minerals but also vitamins and phytoextracts, aiming to improve the tolerability, bioavailability and absorption of these nutrients, which in future will play an increasingly central role in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food market.

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