12 May 2021 |

PharmaNutra joined TP ICAP Midcap Conference

Il Management di Pharmanutra S.p.a. - da sinistra Andrea Lacorte, Carlo Volpi e Roberto Lacorte

Over 180 international investors and 140 companies attended the event, in which Pharmanutra presented brilliant 2021 Q1 financial results to the business community

TP ICAP Midcap Conference’s eight annual edition, which has seen PharmaNutra among the leading participating companies, ends today. The Conference, which has been organised in collaboration with Euronext, consist of one-to-one and one-to-few encounters between 180 international investors and 140 Midcap European companies. The event has been an opportunity to take stock of European economy’s recovery perspectives and to identify the main business challenges in a post-covid scenario.

PharmaNutra has been represented by his top management –Andrea Lacorte (chairman) and Carlo Volpi (COO). PharmaNutra has remarked on brilliant 2021 Q1 financial results, that show a revenue growth far above expectations (+4%) both in domestic and foreign markets and an increase in units sold in every product line. In addition, EBITDA has grown by 28% over the past three months and Q1 cash flow has been projected at € 2.7 million, while Net Financial Positions remains positive. Despite Covid, PharmaNutra has set the stage for returning to a double-digits growth.

Top managers have illustrated Group’s future strategies, including a strengthening of the market position in Italy and a further expansion on foreign market. PharmaNutra plans to deliver on contracts finalised in 2020, to define new agreements with retail customers (negotiations are underway) and to extend the product line in the already established markets.


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