15 March 2021 |

Pisa University and PharmaNutra working together on the Marketing Project Work education plan

The “Marketing Project Work” education plan, which challenged Pisa University students for the launch of a new PharmaNutra product, recently reached its conclusion.
It was organised as part of the Marketing and Web Technology section of the Undergraduate Course in Management Engineering at the University of Pisa and, this year, involved PharmaNutra, which was examined by students as their case study.
The outcome was a detailed analysis for the development and launch of a new product: a complex and comprehensive work which begins with a micro- and macro-study of the working environment, and ends with a well-planned multi-channel marketing plan that remains in keeping with company technology and the organisational structure.

In-depth projects such as this, performed by Pisa University, do not only aim to develop the knowledge and technical abilities acquired by students during their courses, but their objective is also to succeed in the practical application of these to company reality; understanding and mastering the strategic decisional processes that underpin all business activity.

“The students have worked very well and impressed us with a detailed and realistic project,” commented Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director at PharmaNutra S.p.A. and company reference for ‘Marketing Project Work’. “Launching a new nutraceutical product is complex and challenging: there are numerous variants that need to be considered from management, sales and marketing points of view, which frequently collide with R&D and the complexities of the regulatory system pertaining to each single market. The winning project succeeded in acknowledging all these variables. We are committed to a number of university partnerships in the field of scientific research; we are satisfied with this joint venture which moves into a new and important area for the company: management engineering.”

Three papers were presented at the end of the project. The winner is “A Dietary Supplement for Anxiety and Stress” by Thomas Dell’Omo, Debora Maruca, Benedetta Masini, Chiara Vincenza Prassino and Marco Provenzali. PharmaNutra S.p.A. awarded first prize to this group for its excellent analytical skills and for developing such a coherent and thorough multi-channel strategy in such a complex field.