03 July 2017 |

Our support to the Marisa Family House in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

parmanutra associazione marisa in congo

The Association named “Marisa: A smile for everyone” has been created by a group of friends who have met in an orphanage in Congo with the aim to make the dream of Marisa Miyakawa, the first financier of this orphanage, come true: to protect, improve and make more beautiful, more meaningful and happier the life of those most in need.

Today the adoption process in Congo is particularly complicated; this is why the more than a hundred children of the orphanage can be supported only by long distance sponsorship. Corporate and private donations are used to bear ordinary management costs such as medical expenses, clothing, linens, the maintenance and management of children’s facilities.

In addition, there are two special projects in place: the MaMaDè Tailor’s Shop, in order to make the most of the skills and commitment of local girls by producing and offering clothing and accessories; and The Great Project: An Orphanage Village that is designed to create an entire orphanage complex including: accommodation and recreational facilities, medical center, a convent for the nuns, farm activities, literacy center and well.

Pharmanutra wanted to make a small contribution to the Marisa Association by sending pediatric products including iron supplements for babies and kids, eye-care wipes and topical creams for joint problems and growth pains.