09 June 2021 |

PharmaNutra sponsors Pisa Sporting Club again for 2021-2022

Cetilar main sponsor Pisa sporting club - stagione 2021 2022

Today PharmaNutra has officially announced their renewed partnership with Pisa Sporting Club, the soccer team managed by Giuseppe Corrado that will compete in the Serie B championship once again next year.

During the press conference held this afternoon, the two companies confirmed that the team will wear the logo of the main sponsor Cetilar® also in the 2021-2022 sports season.
A brand that has stood alongside Pisa Sporting Club since the last part of the 2019-2020 season (almost going to playoffs), which, this year, has supported the team led by manager Luca D’Angelo, throughout the Lega B championship, to its conclusion in 14th place.

“Confirming main sponsorship of Pisa Sporting Club is another step on a journey we began last year. We really believe in it and wish to carry it forward as part of our wider project based on shared values,” says Carlo Volpi, Managing Director of PharmaNutra S.p.A. “We appreciate the club president’s development plan, with mid-term investments such as the creation of the Sport Citadel in Gagno and renovation of the Arena Garibaldi stadium. We are closely united with Pisa Sporting Club by our shared desire to rise up in a difficult context such as professional football, to transmit the positive values found in sport to future generations. With this partnership, which is extremely productive from a medical-scientific point of view, we want to continue reinforcing PharmaNutra’s presence in a context of sporting discipline. It is a constant commitment that consolidates from year to year, which provides full support to the greatest and most prestigious sporting reality in Italy.

“Pisa Sporting Club is proud that PharmaNutra has chosen to continue promoting Cetilar® on our vests; we are equally proud of our communication partnership,” commented club president, Giuseppe Corrado“I have always believed and confirmed that our club’s strategic mission is to give sporting pleasure to all our fans by spreading and developing local excellence through everything that represents us, nationally and internationally. PharmaNutra is a formidable entrepreneurial reality and Cetilar® is the jewel in their crown, which on our vests has become even greater. It gives me pride and satisfaction to meet people in the street who tell me that by supporting Pisa they have discovered extraordinary products that they didn’t previously know. An important result that is comparable to a victory on the pitch.”

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