19 May 2020 |

Happy Anniversary Alesco and Junia Pharma

This has been a particularly symbolic year for PhamaNutra as 2020 marks two important anniversaries for two of the group’s companies: 20 years from the foundation of Alesco and 10 from that of Junia Pharma.


Alesco Srl was opened in Pisa in the year 2000 by brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte and Gianni Lazzarini. Their objective was to excel in the nutraceutical market by distributing primary materials of very high scientific value. Their core business focused initially on the distribution of active ingredients produced by third parties, but then, over the years, thanks to continual investment in research and development, Alesco began a process of producing its own innovative primary materials. The company’s scientific research concentrated specifically on the study of iron and minerals, until in 2010, they perfected their Sucrosomial Technology®, a unique and innovative delivery system, which in less than a decade has revolutionised the dietary supplement sector.


Ten years have passed since Junia Pharma‘s first national convention, the event that really marked the birth of this great ‘little’ company. A business that was created from a desire to respond to the needs and well-being of the very youngest members of our community as spokespeople of a more healthy, balanced lifestyle, and which has, over the years, widened its horizons and objectives, looking to accompany them into adulthood with care and awareness. Over this last decade, Junia Pharma has faced a number of challenges but has done so from a solid professional reputation and with the high scientific merit of its products: safe, innovative, unique and developed to respond more efficiently to diverse health demands. A young enterprise that, with ethics and professionalism, seeks to reach the excellent results of which Pharmanutra groups is so proud.


‘If I look back, I see a lot we can be proud of’, commented Andrea Lacorte, CEO of the PharmaNutra group. ‘When we started out, we had nothing other than a clear view of where we wanted our project to take us. Thanks to the commitment of all our staff and to our innovative technologies, in just 20 years we have been able to earn the Group a significant space on the Italian and international nutraceuticals market. Our great objective for the next few years is to apply our Sucrosomial Technology® to as many components as possible, giving even more scientific value to  our products in terms of quality and efficacy’.


To mark the occasion, the Alesco and Junia Pharma logos have undergone a restyling of their graphic identities, which present new, more modern and defined lines that project both companies into the future, transmitting the technological innovation that lies at the root of the company mission.