05 July 2019 |

CetilarĀ® confirms itself as Main Sponsor of Parma Calcio in Serie A

It is a special relationship that is getting renewed with continuity and new, ambitious goals to share. It is upon these hinge points that the Tuscan pharmaceutical company PharmaNutra S.p.A. is pleased to confirm its Main Sponsorship of Parma Calcio 1913 in Serie A for the 2019-2020 season, which will start at the end of August.


For the third consecutive year, the logo of CetilarĀ® will be on the crusaders’ jerseys, as announced today during the press conference held at the Stadio Tardini in Parma, during presentation of the new jersey for the next italian championship. The brand, increasingly known by the general public, is also present in other disciplines such as motorsport, running, sailing and Paralympic sports. Thanks to CetilarĀ®, therefore, the company PharmaNutra S.p.A., founded in 2003 by Andrea and Roberto Lacorte brothers, will once again be at the side of players and staff of Parma Calcio 1913 in the season of confirmation at the highest levels of Italian football.


“As early as April we planned to continue this extraordinary route together and we are really happy that Parma Calcio shares with us this desire to go on and consolidate a relationship that has been going on for a decade, first as Medical Partner and then, from the 2017/2018 season, as Main Sponsor”, said with satisfaction Carlo Volpi, Managing Director of PharmaNutra SpA during the press conference.


And it can only be different, given that the relation between CetilarĀ® brand – a range of products that also includes CetilarĀ® Crema, ideal for reducing joints and muscular pains due to trauma – and Parma Calcio, goes well beyond the classic sponsorship. It is a true 360 degrees collaboration, which also grows in the scientific field with successful initiatives such as conferences dedicated to sports medicine and nutrition co-organized annually at the Tardini Stadium together with the Medical Staff of the club of Parma.


“Talking about simple Main Sponsorship would be a kind of understatement, because with Parma Calcio we are constantly involved in a series of initiatives, from science to marketing” added Carlo Volpi. “We are two ambitious companies and we want to continue to build something important together that can make the fans dream and make us feel proud of our work”.


Luca Carra, CEO of Parma Calcio 1913, commented: ā€œThe agreement with Pharmanutra is renewed, our trust is getting more and more solid every year and we are really happy to be able to continue our path together. The Cetilar brand has accompanied us, step by step, in the last chapter of our rebirth and it was at our side during the last season until we managed to stay in the Serie A. It is a real and absolute pleasure to see how the collaboration between our realities is continuing to grow, allowing both of them to write new important pages of our respective stories. Obviously we hope that this new agreement can be the seal on a new season full of satisfactions both for us and for Pharmanutra”.