17 February 2018 |

With Cetilar® at the Huawei RomaOstia Half Marathon 2018

The symbiotic relationship between Cetilar® and sport is going on also this year, further intensifying through the presence of our brand in several national events in different sports.


Running is one these sports as integral part of Cetilar® history, sponsor of one of the most important events of the season such as the Huawei RomaOstia Half Marathon, the most crowded half marathon in Italy.

The 2018 edition, which we have the pleasure to support for the sixth consecutive year, is scheduled for Sunday 11th March, starting from Palalottomatica (Roma EUR) and arriving at Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo (Ostia).

During the two days before the race, we will be present with our stand at Expo RomaOstia, at the Cisalfa Rome EUR Store, an ideal opportunity to deepen the knowledge of Cetilar® products line, the cream based on cetylated fatty acids (7,5% CFA) designed mainly for athletes who do not want to give up their passions because of muscular discomfort or joint problems.

One more important point: also this year we will offer to all the runners our usual and appreciated post-race massage service. Immediately after the arrival, the athletes will find our massage point, with about ten stations where professional physiotherapists will be ready to alleviate their efforts with a post-race massage using Cetilar® products, well known and particularly appreciated by runners all over Italy.


Through the therapeutic massage, Cetilar®, a unique and patented product, indicated for the treatment of joint diseases caused by osteoarthritis, to improve the joint function and movement ability and to reduce muscles-skeletal pain. It is very useful for the motility recovery during rehabilitation after inflammatory and sport joint or muscular injuries.