13 December 2019 |

ASH 2019 Congress: presenting a new study on Sucrosomial® Iron

ASH 2019 presentazione nuovo poster sul ferro sucrosomiale

International recognition continues for PharmaNutra, which, whilst commercially experiencing a strong and constant expansion in foreign markets, also continues, from the scientific point of view, to receive significant feedback relating to Sucrosomial® Technology, the revolutionary patent developed by the PharmaNutra Group.

Three weeks ago, in Chandigarh, India, the Head of the Group’s Scientific Department, Dr. Germano Tarantino, attended, along with Indian partner Eric Lifescience, the National Congress of the Indian Society of Nephrology as a speaker, presenting two studies on Sucrosomial Iron® that have received much interest.


Pharmanutra ASH 2019 orlando presentazione nuovo poster sul ferro sucrosomiale

This week, Tarantino himself and Dr. Elisa Brilli attended the 61st Congress of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) in Orlando, Florida. During what is considered by experts the most important haematological congress in the world, the Scientific Direction of PharmaNutra exhibited a poster revealing new scientific evidence on the validity of Sucrosomial® Iron.

These new data, the result of a basic research project in partnership with the University of Brescia and the University of Verona, show how Sucrosomial® Ironis effective in an animal model of IRIDA, a genetic disorder that leads to an inhibition of the conventional route of intestinal iron absorption and an intracellular seizure of iron resulting in functional iron deficiency.


Other interesting news on the topic of iron deficiency was presented during several sessions of the congress, both on aspects of iron metabolism and on different clinical conditions of sideropenia.

“We are very satisfied and proud of the fact that, once again, this year, our research project on Sucrosomial® Iron, the only oral iron present at this edition of the ASH, has been selected and therefore considered valid for publication and will be available online in the prestigious magazine, Blood”, said Dr. Tarantino. “This is yet another demonstration of the validity of our patent, which continues to receive significant and objective approval from the scientific community”.

congresso sucrosomiale