05 November 2018 |

Sucrosomial Iron: further scientific acknowledgments of its value and efficacy

ferro sucrosomiale pubblicati nuovi studi scientifici

Further acknowledgments among the scientific community of the value of Sucrosomial Technology®, the patent that has allowed PharmaNutra Group to gain a leadership position in the production of iron-based nutritional supplements .
Following the complete studies published at the beginning of October on the International Journal of Molecular Sciences and on Nutrients, thanks to the cooperation between the Scientific Direction of PharmaNutra and important Italian universities, these two new publications offer further confirmation of the value of Sucrosomial Iron®.



The first study – “Improved patient blood management and cost saving in hip replacement surgery through the implementation of pre-operative Sucrosomial® iron supplementation: a quality improvement assessment study”, published on International Orthopaedics – features a detailed scientific examination of the use of SiderAL® in orthopaedics, and its correlation with quicker and more effective post-operative recovery. In this important study on PBM in orthopaedics, conducted on 300 patients, Professor Marco Scardino, an anaesthetist of the Hip and Prosthetics Orthopaedic Unit of the Humanitas Scientific Institute for Research and Healthcare in Rozzano (Milan), showed that in the group of patients who were administered SiderAL® Forte during the pre-operative period, there was a smaller drop in haemoglobin levels during the post-operative stage, as well as shorter stays in hospital, fewer transfusions and a final saving of € 1763.25 per patient. (Download the full text)



The second publication, which appeared in the magazine Pharmaceuticals and was entitled “Sucrosomial® Iron: a new generation iron for improving oral supplementation”, took the form of a review that for the first time brought together most of the evidence obtained in recent years on the absorption and efficacy of sucrosomial® iron. It also provided concrete results regarding the greater tolerability of Sucrosomial® Iron compared to other types of iron, highlighting, among other points, that it is essential to deal with and manage iron deficiency, also with a view to preventing actual anaemia and the numerous consequences it brings with it. Based on this proposition, the review shows the results of using sucrosomial® iron as a supplement in patients suffering from iron deficiency with different causes. In all contexts, it emerges that the innovative composition of sucrosomial® iron allows for improved bioavailability of the mineral, together with reduced gastrointestinal compliance compared to traditional mineral salts. This review published by Professor Manuel Muñoz, a renowned expert in transfusion medicine, haematology and iron metabolism, establishes an important benchmark, describing the unique characteristics of sucrosomial® iron and acknowledging its value, thanks to a body of scientific evidence collected over a number of years.
(Download the full text)



Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of PharmaNutra, commented: “The studies recently published show that Sucrosomial® Iron can be considered the first-choice oral iron supplement solution in cases of iron deficiency or an increased iron requirement, for the wellbeing of all those who require a nutritional intake of iron. At the same time, they demonstrate that PharmaNutra’s research to develop sucrosomial® technology is continuing to confirm the unique, innovative nature of the company’s patents”.

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