25 March 2020 |

Two news patents approved in India and USA

pharmanutra sigla nuovi accordi per la distribuzione internazionale di sideral e cetilar

The Group obtains approval of the Cetilar® patent in the USA and new prospects unfold for SiderAL® in India thanks to a new patent linked to the Sucrosomial® Technology being granted. Expansion continues in Europe where a new agreement is stipulated with the Bulgarian company Naturpharma.

PharmaNutra announces that it has obtained two new assets, strategic for the Group’s international expansion. Two patents have been approved in India and the United States respectively – markets with considerable potential given their size – to further strengthen the foreign presence of the Tuscan company founded by the Lacorte brothers.

For what concerns India, the patent approved is for “Solid Iron” (number 328725) and will expire in 2033. The patent refers to the SiderAL® trademark line, created thanks to the innovative Sucrosomial® Technology that has enabled the PharmaNutra flagship products to overcome the limits and problems caused by administration of oral iron, a mineral with reduced absorption and low gastrointestinal tolerability. This unique, patented action mechanism has enabled PharmaNutra supplements to gain a foothold as the most effective and innovative in the sector. So much so, that for the latest market IQVIA data formalised by FederSalus, SiderAL® Forte 20 capsules is the nutritional supplement that sells most in Italy.

The second patent concerns Cetilar®, the product line studied to reduce the painful post-trauma symptoms in muscles and joints, now officially recognised on the US market. Approval of the new Cetilar® patent (number US10,597,608, approved on 24-3-2020) in the USA will last until 2036 and is a fundamental step forwards in the spread of a brand that in Italy – also thanks to a number of top level sports partnerships – has acquired a solid reputation.

The Cetilar® brand will also be present in Bulgaria, thanks to a recent agreement finalised by PharmaNutra S.p.A. with Naturpharma, a company founded in 1997 and constantly on the lookout for innovative products for the Bulgarian market.

“India and the United States are two of the most important key markets globally. The fact that local authorities have officially acknowledged the value of our patents is a significant step forwards for the PharmaNutra Group”, the President, Andrea Lacorte declares. “However, our scientific research continues non-stop as we are encouraged to improve and take PharmaNutra science to an even higher level”.