08 October 2018 |

New awards for Sucrosomial® Iron

Sucrosomial® Technology, the PharmaNutra Group’s patent for the success of the SiderAL® brand product range, continues to gain wide acceptance in the scientific field thanks to two recent publications released last week on many prestigious international journals. These are the results of the collaboration between the Scientific Direction of PharmaNutra (Dr. Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of the Group, and Dott.ssa Elisa Brilli) and important Italian universities that have a strong expertise on the study of iron metabolism.


In the first article published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, written together with the University of Pisa (Prof. Ylenia Zambito, Dr. Angela Fabiano) and entitled “Ex Vivo and in Vivo Study of Sucrosomial® Iron Intestinal Absorption and Bioavailability”, new evidences on the absorption kinetics of Sucrosomial Iron® are demonstrated for the first time. The study also demonstrates how Sucrosomial Iron® can allow greater bioavailability in the bone marrow, where the erythropoietic process takes place.


The second article, “Sucrosomial® Iron Supplementation in Mice: Effects on Blood Parameters, Hepcidin, and Inflammation”, published in the journal Nutrients was made at the University of Brescia (Prof. Paolo Arosio, Prof. Maura Poli) and University of Verona (Prof. Domenico Girelli). This publication highlights how the use of Sucrosomial® Iron does not determine a pro-oxidant effect compared to conventional iron sulfate, thus giving a further interesting indication for the use of Sideral® products based on Sucrosomial® Iron.


Germano Tarantino (pictured), Scientific Director of PharmaNutra, comments: “We are extremely satisfied with the publication of these two new studies about Sucrosomial® Iron, because on one hand both represent important confirmations, while on the other hand we are dealing with new evidences that until now were not still scientifically validated. I refer to a series of further data on the kinetics of SiderAL®, which represent important strength for new developments regarding the use of the product. The fact that these publications have come together is not a coincidence, but a stage in a process started years ago, of which we are finally gathering fruit. In fact, these are veru long studies and experiments, and  by the end of the year other important results will be published to further demonstrate the effectiveness of our Sucrosomial® Iron”.