23 April 2019 |

New trade agreement between Pharmanutra and Lilium Drug Store

Pharmanutra e Lilium Drug Store

The partnership between Pharmanutra and Lilium Drug Store provides for the exclusive distribution of products from the SiderAL® line in Jordan.


The line of nutritional supplements based on SiderAL® iron – market leader of orally consumed iron due to the proven efficiency of the Sucrosomiale® technology (the innovative patent by Alesco, company in the Pharmanutra group) – continues in its sustained process of foreign expansion.


The latest agreement, following those achieved earlier on this year for the distribution of SiderAL® in Pakistan, Greece (SiderAL® drops by JuniaPharma) and Ukraine, regards Jordan and has been sealed with Lilium Drug Store. Founded in 2009, it is the leading company in the pharmaceutical market in Jordan thanks to its capillary presence in all the country’s medical sectors and its consolidated relationship with JPA (Jordan Pharmacists Association) and JFDA (Jordan Food and Drug Administration).
The partnership with Lilium Drug Store allows for the exclusive distribution of the SiderAL® line to the Jordanian market, specifically the SiderAL® Gocce Int., SiderAL® Bimbi, SiderAL® Forte Int. and SiderAL® Folic products.


Andrea Lacorte, President of PharmaNutra, states: “Science, research and ambition are the foundations Pharmanutra is built upon and the basis of our business activities. In recent years we have been able to create an increasing strong distribution network abroad where the confirmed effectiveness of the Sucrosomial® Iron based products is widely recognised by medics, specialists and by its consumers. Since the beginning of 2019 we have already completed four new agreements for the distribution of SiderAL® outside Italy, an impressive commercial result that follows the remarkable scientific success gained from the recent International Multidisciplinary Course on Iron Deficiency (IMCID) organised in Rome”.