11 November 2019 |

PharmaNutra obtains patent for a new composition for treating cardiovascular diseases

pharmanutra ottiene brevetto per nuova formula per la riduzione delle calcificazioni vascolari

The new patent, valid until 2037, opens PharmaNutra up to the possibility of developing specific products for the cardiovascular field, a sector until now unexplored by the company.


PharmaNutra has now announced that it has been granted a patent from the Italian Patents Office on a new composition for use in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (N° 102017000085412). Filed in 2017 and entitled by the company “Cardiovascular Formula”, the patent will be valid until 2037.

The news of the recently granted patent follows on from the report a week earlier of filing another important patent in the USA, that of Solid Iron, proof once again of the exceptional scientific research and innovative skills of the PharmaNutra Group.

The new formula, developed by the Group’s R&D department, is especially effective in the reduction of vascular calcification, laying the foundations for the development of a medical and scientific sector within the company, i.e. that of cardiovascular calcifications, a brand new area for the company and one which affects a much larger scale of the population.

Over recent years, numerous studies have confirmed that calcifications are one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, making a significant contribution to the causes of cardiovascular mortality. The new Cardiovascular Formula developed by the Group can therefore represent an effective solution to prevent and counter formation of calcification.

“This patent crowns a brand new project, developed with the specific objective to find a highly effective formula for the prevention of vascular calcifications. The composition is the result of years of studies, which after impressive results obtained in basic research, are now being extended to the clinical area. The real strength of this new formula, compared to others already available on the market, is the synergy of individual components. Our research has revealed that by combining a number of elements, more benefits can be obtained in the reduction of calcifications, and it is this that makes the difference”, commented Germano Tarantino, Chief Scientific Officer of PharmaNutra S.p.A.

“As regards iron deficiency in the cardiac field, we are already well-known internationally, thanks to the proven effectiveness of our products in the SiderAL® range. This new patent enables us to
expand on our research, entering much wider range of medical fields”, added the Group President, Andrea Lacorte. “Our objective is to develop not only products used for the prevention of a number of major cardiovascular disorders, but also used to provide an optimal response to the main cardiac treatments, to ensure the correct recovery and return to a healthy and regular lifestyle”.